Winter Update Celebration! Major Events!
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Closed Events


Closed Events

Winter Update Celebration! Major Events! [13]


Hello, Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!


The latest updates have been unveiled through Merurin's Express Mail!

In addition to the update news, we are also preparing many events for you!


For Heirs eagerly awaiting the year-end with updates and events,

we've prepared a special gift - the Major Winter Update Celebration Events!


Please see below for the event details.


■ Winter Update Celebration! 77 Free Covenant Summon Event

1. Schedule: The start/end date for the event varies according to the server.

    - The summon count will reset according to each server's reset time.


Free Covenant Summon Schedule


11/3 (Fri) 18:00~ 11/22 (Wed) 17:59 UTC


11/4 (Sat) 03:00~ 11/23 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


11/4 (Sat) 10:00~ 11/23 (Thu) 09:59 UTC

2. Details: Players will be able to do 11 free covenant summons daily for 7 days during the event period.

3. How to Participate

 During the event period, an <Event> mark will be placed on the [Lobby > Summon] icon.

 During the event period, the number of free covenant summons will be changed from 1 to 11 for 7 days from the first time a player logs into Epic Seven during the event period.

 Once you finish the entire 11 free summons, you can summon again using your Covenant Bookmarks.


 Please Note

- Players will be able to summon for free 11 times each day for a period of seven days during the Free Covenant Summon event.

- Players who purchase the Daily Summon Pack will have 15 free summons a day. (During the event period there are the base free summons x11 + the additional 4 free summons per day)

- The Free Covenant Summon event will be carried out for 7 days from your first login to Epic Seven during the event period.

   Players can join the free covenant summon for 7 days based on their log-in date even if the event period has ended.

  e.g. If you logged in for the first time on 11/4 (Sat), you can receive the benefits of the event until 11/10 (Fri).

- If you do not log into Epic Seven during the event period, the 11 free summons for that day will be lost.

- The remaining number of free summons will be reset after the server reset time even if all free summons have not been used.

- If you are already logged into the game during the reset time to receive the 11 Free Covenant Summons, make sure to completely close the app and open it again.

- Only Covenant Summons are included in this event. Players cannot use this event’s free summon on the Mystic, Moonlight, or Drop Rate Up summons.

- Please make sure to check the event period and participation method.

- For any inquiries regarding this event, please contact our Customer Support Team.


Winter Update Celebration! Major Check-in Event

1. Schedule: 11/9 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 11/29 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

3. Eligibility: All Heirs

3. Servers: All servers

4. Details: The Winter Update Celebration! Major Check-in Event reward will be sent to your in-game mailbox.(Storage Period: 7 Days)

5. Rewards

Winter Update Celebration! Major Check-in Reward

Unknown Slate x1

Bottle of Knowledge x1

Gold Transmit Stones x20

Silver Transmit Stone x100

2,000 Conquest Points


 Please Note

- Players can receive the login reward only once during the event period.

- The login reward will be sent to your mailbox and it has a storage period of 7 days. Please make sure to claim it before it expires.

- If you are already logged in when the reward distribution begins, please re-login to the game or move to the lobby in order to receive the login reward.

- Rewards that have not been claimed from your mailbox within the designated period will be removed and cannot be provided after the storage period expires.


Thank you.


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Gracias por todo SG. 

Siempre es bueno éste tipo de eventos, se agradece mucho.

Thanks for the 77 3*s. :)

I never get anything else. Lol


Nice,I hope I get the REAL ML Kayron(Ezra)


nice. thanks

Uma mãe para todos nós! Obrigado SG


Opa! Um evento sempre bem-vindo.

Ótimos anúncios até o momento

só falta anunciarem quando seria o próximo collab

Wow the day is starting great will all these hero announcements, huge rewards and best ML event rerun! 😱 If SG is trying to make up for Halloween skipping, mission success! I gladly take the deal


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