Plis nerf Elbris

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General Discussion


General Discussion

Plis nerf Elbris [5]

Nerf Elbris only to proc one time per turn, this artifac is so much more powerful than any of the other artifact in the whole game, basicaly a Belian with zero speed can solo your team only with Elbris. not to mention a Navy Landy with 25% Cr push and Salvo all the time 

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elbris prints too much money

Have you heard of roana or lionheart cermia? Because they turn elbris into a free win.

How about any of the numerous oneshot options you have nowadays like khawazu,midnight lilias, Mellona, etc etc etc. 

Bad players stay bad. So much whine so little brain.

And have you heard of HwaYoung and the many counters she have and still they whine and nerf her?? because a unit (artifact in this case) have counters and ways to deal with, thats dont mean it is not broken or too powerfull... 

And how about you have a team and the enemy too not just a single unit in the field, injury belian vs roana is not a free win neither vs op landy who can one shoot your entire team with 1 S3. and 50% crit resist vs lermia fail all the crit sure free win haha

PD: Nerf ML landy too 

Toxic  comunity of this game with so little brain 

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Lv152With hwayoung alot of players we’re complaining, so far your the only one I see complaining about this artifact that’s been around for quite some time now. Like the other guy said learn how to deal with it , hundreds of thousands other players have.

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BDDigglerWith Hwayoung alot of player whine just because she is a RGB char and not a ML5 char, just for that, people dont allowed to a char RGB destroy they beloved ML5 ARabi. And like i said to the other guy, the problem is not learn how to deal with. why all the  hundreds of thousands other players dont learn how to deal with Hwa back in the days? she was soo easy to deal, just stun, silence, dispell the barrier or oneshoot, a RGB4 Stars  Coli can oneshoot her soo easy but no all whine and cry.

And i already have 35/45 ML5 and all the resourses to deal very fine with it, the problem is still the artifact is unbalanced and to powerfull.

Im a year 1 player and back in the days the only real problem was Charles counter/elbris but now in the hands of belian and landy is too op.

And for sure nobody blame the artifact, is what he allowed to belian/landy to do with... if you dont see all the people whine about landy, well ur blind 

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Someone please help [7]

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Plis nerf Elbris [5]


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please SG increase storage [5]


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Mage Luna might get dump. [1]


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