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Q&A Board

Help!! [4]

As of today, I can't login to my epic7 account. I was literally just playing last night. This is probably the only phone game I've played in YEARS. I'm trying to see if anyone else if having the same problem or if there is a bug right now because I am so scared, I have just lost my account!! Any suggestions!?

#Help #freakingout

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You may have signed out. Log in through your normal method (Facebook, Google, Stove, etc).

I checked through a guest account and my account still seems to be there: ofzeus98

But every time I try to login it says its either incorrect or that I don't have an account registered to my usual login. I even tried to put in my username but I don't know my accounts ID. I only know my user name which is Ofzeus98, could someone have hacked it? is that a thing?

nevermind I am an idiot..... I was signing in with my apple account and not my stove account -__-. 

Thank you for helping me though!!

I feel so dumb....

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OfZeus98Things happen. Glad you got your account back 

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