E7WC 2023: Twitch Drops Concern
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General Discussion

E7WC 2023: Twitch Drops Concern [4]

can someone explain to me how to claim this Twitch Drop below:

- Twitch Drops is only available 1 per stream/match (daily)? Not unlimited stream?

- I can't claim the other drops below. Please help! Thank you! 

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Well from my side, I basically need to RE-Link everything when I want to claim drops.

Even though my Twitch says it's linked to E7

Kinda annoying, not gonna lie

Thank you sir! Already read the note. Sad to sqy thqt I can't claim the landy emoticon in the future. 🥺

(- Players can claim Twitch Drops rewards once per day and receive the rewards only once, even if they watch both the Japan and Europe server qualifiers.)

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JIEUMXIXDon’t worry, the emoticon is still not available. It’ll only be available on the final day of the championship. For now, each stream only gives charms and leifs.

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