E7WC 2023 Official PV - 「Voyage to Victory」 Revealed! (Edited)
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GM Board


GM Board

E7WC 2023 Official PV - 「Voyage to Victory」 Revealed! (Edited) [1]

Hello, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


Heirs, are you ready to embark on the Epic Seven World Arena Championship, E7WC 2023?

Building on the passion of E7WC 2022, a new voyage awaits in 2023! Join the fair battles of Heirs on an endless ocean, where not even a savage storm can hinder your path to victory! 


From the in-game Preliminaries that began on 7/8 (Sat) to the Grand Final on 9/23 (Sat), we will embark on a thrilling voyage alongside our Heirs, determined to be the last one standing till the very end!


Furthermore, in celebration of the global festival of Heirs around the world, we are thrilled to unveil the official PV of E7WC 2023, featuring our esteemed main Hero, Navy Captain Landy!


■ E7WC 2023 Official PV - Voyage to Victory Revealed!

■ E7WC 2023 Official PV - 「Voyage to Victory」 Full Version and Behind-the-Scenes Video Revealed!

■ ⟦Official⟧ Voyage to Victory [EpicSeven_E7WC 2023 OST]

We hope all our Heirs will show interest in and support their fellow Heirs as they embark on the grand journey of E7WC 2023.

P.S. Don't forget to leave your comments and like the PV! Your participation means a lot to us!


Thank you!

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Voyage to victory? More like voyage to sell my account because of your BS unbalanced units. I'm so sick of this game I just wanna kill myself. 

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