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General News


General News

[GM] Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event Point Shop Extension [13]

Hello, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all the Heirs who participated in the special 5★ Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event which took place for a duration of three months, starting on 10/27/2022


However, due to the long event period, some Heirs were unable to utilize the leftover points they accumulated during the event. Thus, we have made the decision to prolong the Point Shop period for those Heirs.


Please see below for more details.


■ 5★ Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event Final Point Exchange

1. Schedule: 2/16 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 5/2 (Tue) 02:59 UTC

2. Eligibility: All Heirs who have not used their remaining points at the end of the ★5 Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event.

Heirs whose 5★ Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event has ended 

ㄴ After the maintenance on 2/16 (Thu), the remaining points can only be exchanged on the [Final Point Exchange] page

ㄴ It will not be possible to acquire additional points.

Heirs who are currently participating in the ★5 Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event

ㄴ After the event period ends, the remaining points can be exchanged on the [Final Point Exchange] page.

Heirs who have not begun the 5★ Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event 

ㄴ Since the event period has already ended, you will not be eligible for [Final Point Exchange].

3. How to use [Final Point Exchange]

   - How to open: Go to [Lobby > Event > 5★ Moonlight Hero Recruitment Final Point Exchange 



   - How to use the remaining points: Heirs can Headhunt and Recruit Heroes, and exchange items with the remaining points at the Final Point Exchange.


We will continue to strive to provide an enjoyable game experience.


Thank you.

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Wait,are the hero reset,or still the same as the last headhunt?

Please rerun this event for new players like me. 

I missed this event

Yes, it was dumb of me not to read the fine print and have the patience to keep headhunting after I got enough points to get a hero. But to now reopen the event and not give me a chance to use the more than 2,000 points I have to recruit more heroes is cruel and unusual punishment! And I've bought all the other things I could buy, so the 2,000 points are useless! Shame!

For some reason mine isn’t working.

please reruj this event for a new player


I believe I got everything but still had plenty of points, lemme get like 10k skystone! Ok 50 bookmarks,...alright a leif will be fine.

Wait,are the hero reset,or still the same as the last headhunt?

What ***** is I have such a busy life that I had no clue the exchange was to recruit the heroes or how to use it I feel like an ***** now on my last seven days I have been moving fast accumulate a lot of points but don't have enough time to do a summon which ***** because I have the points and the character that I want head hunted already but hey I guess this is better than nothing

This is good for anyone that needs exchange more i emptied the shop.

I emptied the shop before getting the hero. This is good for those who forgot to recruit the hero.

Imagine to do ml summon and not do ml summon in first place ... logic not found.

oh hey, a nice QoL thing. Thank you

Thank you!!!

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