✍ 2/16 (Thu) 4★ Crimson Seed and 3★ Timeless Anchor Balance Adjustment Preview
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Developer Notes


Developer Notes

✍ 2/16 (Thu) 4★ Crimson Seed and 3★ Timeless Anchor Balance Adjustment Preview [145]

Hello. This is Epic Seven.

(Added 2/13)

The Artifact Recall conditions have been expanded upon with additional details.

This is a pre-announcement of the planned balance adjustment of the 4★ Artifact, Crimson Seed, and the 3★ Artifact, Timeless Anchor, which will take effect after the 2/16 update.  We will release a separate announcement for the other candidates that will be a part of the upcoming 2/16 balance adjustment two weeks before the update.


Before we begin, we would like to sincerely apologize for the disruption this balance adjustment will cause to our Heirs’ gameplay. With this in mind, we would like to explain and guide you through the process of how we came to this balance adjustment decision.


Crimson Seed and Timeless Anchor Artifacts were originally designed to constantly dispel debuffs from the Hero they are equipped on. However, in comparison to its activation condition, it made it easier for certain Heroes to effectively respond to debuffs such as Stun or Sleep, which was one of the main reasons that made Heroes who specialize in inflicting debuffs used less frequently in PvP content.


Therefore, we have decided to make adjustments to the balance of certain Artifacts in order to better regulate their impact on debuffs in PvP content and increase the usage of debuff-specializing Heroes.


※ The probability and number of turns are based on fully enhanced characters.

※ Skill Cooldowns will not be changed unless stated.

※ The skill descriptions mentioned in this preview may differ from the actual update.

Crimson Seed

Effect(s) (Before)

Effect(s) (After)

Has a 35-70% chance to dispel one debuff after being attacked. Can only be activated once per turn.

After attacking, has a 40-80% chance to dispel one debuff. Can only be activated once per turn. Can only be activated once per turn.


Timeless Anchor

Effect(s) (Before)

Effect(s) (After)

25-50% chance to dispel one debuff at the moment the caster is attacked.

After attacking, has a 20-40% chance to dispel one debuff.


The activation effect of Crimson Seed and Timeless Anchor will be altered so that it triggers after the Hero has been attacked. Accordingly, the Artifacts will no longer be effective against paralyzing effects, but they will be more effective for Heroes who frequently use basic attacks. We hope these changes will increase the diversity of PvP Heroes to be used in various ways.


Preview of Recall due to Artifact Balance Adjustment


The recall of the 4★ Artifact, Crimson Seed, and the 3★ Artifact, Timeless Anchor, will be conducted as part of the Artifact Balance Adjustment.


• Recall Schedule

2/16 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 3/2 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


• Recall Targets

- The following Artifacts that have been acquired prior to the 2/16 (Thu) maintenance will be eligible for recall.

Artifact / 4★ Crimson Seed

Artifact / 3★ Timeless Anchor


• Recall Conditions

- Artifacts eligible for recall that meet the minimum recall condition of 1,800 EXP for Artifact Charm can be recalled an unlimited number of times during the recall period.

- Only Artifacts of skill lv 2 or higher can be recalled without any limitations on quantity.

※ Artifacts that are Limit Broken at least once can be recalled regardless of the EXP.

※ The requirements for achieving a cumulative Artifact Enhance EXP of 1,800 are listed below.

Artifact Grade

Artifact Enhance Level


Exceeds +3


Exceeds +2


Exceeds +2

• Recall Scope and Reimbursement 

- 4★ Crimson Seed

① All enhancements for this Artifact will reset when recalled.

② Lesser/Greater/Epic Artifact Charms will be reimbursed based on the EXP of the Artifact.

③ The reimbursed Gold will be calculated as the Gold that would be consumed by the reimbursed Artifact charms.

④ The reimbursed Wisdom's Gaze will be calculated as the Wisdom's Gaze required to purchase Crimson Seed based on the Limit Break.
 (For example, when recalling a Lv2 or higher Crimson Seed that has been Limit Broken 5 times, players will receive a +0 Enhanced Crimson Seed and 500 Wisdom's Gaze as reimbursement.)


- 3★ Timeless Anchor

① All enhancements for this Artifact will reset when recalled.

② Lesser/Greater/Epic Artifact Charms will be reimbursed based on the EXP of the Artifact.

③ The reimbursed Gold will be calculated as the Gold that would be consumed by the reimbursed Artifact charms.

④ The number of Artifacts reimbursed will be based on the Limit Break.


Please look forward to the upcoming Balance Adjustment Preview as well. The Epic Seven team will always strive to provide the best gaming experience possible for our Heirs. 


Thank you.

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no one asked for this crap out of nowhere

and they do this nerf...



just start of 2023 u guys already start bs again huh..

p.s: please play your own game!


who's idea is this? are you guys seriously play the game or just being dummy dumb? wtf?


Can you nerf Souls artifact too? its overused for sure its do it job too good and its what  make players dont even look at other mage artifacts

"and increase the usage of debuff-specializing Heroes."

If you wanna do that, just get rid of 15% already. Ya'll sound like you're up to no good again. Just be honest here, it's a direct nerf to A. Ravi. No one else uses those artifacts like that. 

Why not just make it unable to dispell stun and sleep?

Very good! Crimson Aravi is a broken pest.

ive always thought crimson seed was a borderline broken artifact for exactly what the devs already mentioned--it shouldn't auto-dispell effects like stun and sleep on hit.   

while i agree with the call and feel it's an overdue nerf, there are countless other things i'd nerf before it.  

light adin, released seemingly ages ago, already harcounters the only user of the artifact so this nerf would have been a helluva lot more meaningful and appreciated if it came a year or more ago. 

My God, the longer the game exists the more toxic it becomes PvP wise. And seeing as how they're planning to nerf this, its time to build cleansers and De-buffers again. I wish they don't go through with this bullsheet of paper proposal. 

This was a well needed buff, debuffers have enough hard counters. Stuns and sleep were hard enough to land with 15% absolute effect resistance, now debuffs have a chance of being viable. 

LOL  These artifacts are fine the way they are. You are trashing them out of the blue.

Gila nih sgtod mau up ml ray biar op yah… sampe art dinerf bukannya di buff. Itu aja anchor sdh rng cuma 50% aktif jg kagak ini jd 40% saat nyerang lg anjay.

Many built gear around the Crimson Seed artifact. Nerfing the artifact makes the gear less useful. It also forces ARavi into more limited builds…which seems to be the direction for this game. 

Hear me out, maybe try removing 15% first.

Removing Debuff AFTER attacking is pretty useless.

buff ml ken please

Nerf Choux

pls replace the balance team, this is a bad decision. Most top tier units in rta atm are debuffers and cleansers such as lua, handguy, destina, clilias, zio, senya, sage baal, ml silk, angelica, etc. The meta was built around debuffing or not getting debuffed so obviously debuffers are doing pretty well. Pls recruit the people who actually play the game to make balance patch decisions. 

how about you just remove 15% debuff resist and let crimson seed be a useful artifact instead

Timeless anchor and crimson seed are not the reason debuff heroes may seem statistically unpopular. Debuff heroes are relatively unpopular because the average e7 player doesn’t have unlimited time and money to spend farming 250+ speed, 180-200 effectiveness gear to make those units good and then lose 15% of the time. They are also less universal; if all you want to do is end RTA in master rank for the skin at the end of the season, why bother investing in something like Drug Dealer Ray or Sharun when you can build units like Conqueror Lilias or Specter Tenebria who are good at end-game PVE and are flexible for many different PVP drafts and playstyles? 

Do not nerf these artifacts. This “balance adjustment” will make them COMPLETELY useless because how do you attack and cleanse if you’re stunned or slept? Just make units that synergize well with them and that should be enough (Ex. Summer Iseria was not good on release, but became meta with Ran and Peira).

Debuffers are wildly popular right now. SG just happens to be as disconnected as ever.  Briar witch.. Lua.. laika.. clilias.. zio.. ddray.. solitaria.. pflan.. aol.. belian.. wsilk.. ran.. I could go on but the meta is dominated by debuffers with very few ways to answer them considering how weak ER is. Besides Ed, a limited who can still be overwhelmed, there's very little that can be done to fight them.

What exact ****** thought of this idea ? You must be absolutely delusional to nerf these 2 niche artifacts out of the blue. Damn you guys really know how to pull a new year disappointment. Back to 1 star it is.

Are the ones who come up with these nerfs and "balance adjustments" even play this game? You either overbuff or overnerf a character/artifact and after that you just don't care... these arties are most likely trash tier now thanks to these changes and I'd say these arties were fair, balanced. Not that a lot of champs could prio these, but the ones that did, had pretty good/necessary uses for them.


If you guys intend to neft ARavi more, oke, keep on, I dont even care. 

BUT HAVE YOU CLEARLY KNOW about Crimson seed? When the h*ll ever the ARavi stun, HOW COULD SHE ATTACK to CLEAN DEBUFF? 

You, thoughtful devenloper, should kick who ever planned this changing :)))))

So useless and thoughtless.

What the hell, why would you nerf crimson seed out of nowhere with all those debuffs running rampant? Are you guys literally stupid? NO ONE asked for this!!!

LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY THIS TIME SMILEGATE, you went against the community with hwayoung nerf and where is she now? Too emberassed to add her to heroes that need a buff list? Don't make the same mistake again.

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