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Help with moonlight hero unlock task [1]

Can anyone please explain the moonlight hero unlock task"Awaken 3⭐ hero to beyond 5⭐" (or something like that). 

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    2022.11.25 05:20 (UTC+0)

    There are two upgrades to heroes: awaken and promotion.

    Awakening requires runes and an upgrade material. You get runs from the Spirit Altar (under "Battle") and the materials from Adventure (click on the material to see where it is found). When you awaken a character, you turn one of their yellow stars to red and black, upgrade their stats, and sometimes an ability. To awaken a hero, go to the menu (tavern), click on Heroes (bottom left) and then click on the hero you want to awaken in the list, and then click "awaken" (bottom right).

    Promoting increases a hero's stars, increasing their overall power. In order to promote a hero, you need as many characters of equal value as the character has stars. So if you're trying to promote a 3 star characters, you need three 3-star heroes. Usually people upgrade fodder 2-star units or use Phantasmas to upgrade their characters.

    In order to complete the quest, I believe you need to promote a unit to 6 stars, and then awaken all of its stars.

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