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How much energy can you get as rewards and buying it without skystones per day?

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    2022.11.25 01:43 (UTC+0)

    TL;DR: At least 200.

    You can get occasional drops in your mailbox for energy, usually in batches of 50 to 100.

    If you click on the Events button and scroll all the way down, there is an alternating event that lets you get extra energy if you complete missions (adventure, automaton tower, spirit altar, hunt, arena, or expedition). Every 5 missions completed, you get 50 energy up to a total of 200. Right now this event is Help from Naevis. Usually this event comes with an additional free 50 energy upon completing 20 missions. This counter resets daily, so if you complete 10 Monday, it will reset to 0 Tuesday.

    There is an Aespa event under Check-In Event called "Collect Daily Points." It works similar to Help from Naevis, but instead of completing a number of quests, you need to complete specific objectives. These objectives are usually simplistic, like spending 40 energy, or completing an arena mission. These appear to be random, so the energy value can range from nothing to 200.

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    2022.11.28 02:50 (UTC+0)

    You get a guaranteed 560 energy per day, with up to 500 extra energy possible on top of that from the current Aespa Collaboration Celebration event.

    Friendship shop: 40 energy

    Arena shop: 120 energy

    Help from Naevis*: 200

    Compensation for ad suspension: 100 energy

    Extra energy gift from Arky**: 100 energy

    Collect Daily Points for the Aespa Collaboration Celebration***: From 0 to 500 energy

    *Requires you to spend energy or use arena flags to receive these.

    *Receiving this might be conditional, perhaps you need to be online or playing at a certain time of day; I'm not sure.

    ***Rewards of 50 or 100 energy can possibly be rewarded for completing each of 4 missions, then 50 or 100 energy for having collected all 4 mission rewards. You may also receive no energy but other rewards instead from this one.

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