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IpadOS, store prices N/A 40010 errorcode

Okay so, I’m using a google account as my epic7 login.

After this maintenance all store prices are now N/A, if I try to buy anyway I get error code 40010, something about country payment information and unable to verify.

My paypal on my iPad account is set correctly, i don’t see what else i could do about this Or how to alter anything on my end.

If I login using an android device, no problem.

Its the same account, this shouldnt be an issue on iOS or iPadOS either.. right?

side note, I did recently install iPadOS 16.1.1 or whatever the latest version is, from 15.x.

Edit : okay so simple solution, no idea why this works but thanks to someone on Reddit (great support here by the way.. geez) just restart your iPad/iOS device.

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