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RTA Skin season reward question. [4]

I have a question guys.

Do I need to stay in master to get reward?

and if i fall back to gold, will i get the skin?

thank you and sorry for my bad English. its not my first.

Free cookie for anyone that help :D

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    2022.11.22 20:12 (UTC+0)

    Sadly you need to stay on Master if you fall back on Gold after Season Ending you will not get the Skin 🙃

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    2022.11.23 01:55 (UTC+0)

    You need to stay in master 

    - basically you will have a 3 days worth of safe point before your point drop

    (if you can get master, 3 days before the deadline ends) 

    - you just need to fight once to get the 3 days safe point ( win or lose) 

    - just manage your point especially the end of the season to make sure

    - the win point at master or lower, yield great number of point winning compare to the lost point, i think about +20 point( and more) and if you lose it just - 5 or - 6 point ( i think it might be less) 

    Good luck on getting the skin

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    2022.11.25 04:19 (UTC+0)

    All that matters is where you end not your peak yeah
    I'd recommend waiting to play til the last couple weeks of the season if you don't wanna play rta regularly rather than forcing yourself to go all season if all you want is the skin

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    2022.11.25 10:36 (UTC+0)

    As a new player, this is very impossible for me. So I will wait for them to be on the Skin Shop lol... 48$ though. That's a lot for pixels.

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