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[ Hero Concept 36 ] [8]

This is the 36th original hero concept.

The fourth hero featuring the new Enforce mechanic.

Enjoy :)


[ S1 - Confrontation ]

Attack an enemy.

Upgrade a random teammate's imprint by 1 grade this battle.




[ S2 - Condemnation ] CD: 3 Turns

Attack an enemy.

This skill Critical Hits against buffed enemy.

Increase Critical Hit Damage of this attack by 30% for each buff on the target.


Enforce: Grant the target 3 Random Buffs for 1 turn before attacking.




[ S3 - Forge & Melt ] CD: 4 Turns

Attack an enemy.

On the caster's odd number of turns, this attack grants Increase Defense and Immunity to all allies for 2 turns.

On the caster's even number of turns, this attack Penetrates Defense by 75%.







S2 Enforce increases Crit Damage by 90%, for one use only.

But it also risks big, possibly giving the opponent critical buffs like Invincibility, Evasion, Crit Resistance, Revival, Increase Defense, etc.




S3 has different bonus effects based on caster's turn number.


Turn 1 usage grants buff to all allies.

Turn 2 usage with 75% Penetration seems op, but the caster needs to survive for a turn.


It's diffcult since this hero has NO defensive kit, when it holds S3.

Meanwhile, before the caster's turn 2, the opponent has plenty of time to do things.

These factors make 75% Penetration legit.



Comments are welcomed.

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    2022.11.22 12:42 (UTC+0)

    While s2 & s3 are interesting concepts and can somewhat work together, i feel like the s1 is out of place for this kit. First it´s readability: It´s hard to see in battle which imprint each hero have, even more so because concentrated/normal imprint. Second: When you are building a dmg dealer nuke hero, which the s3 def pen enables, the s1 really does nothing for him.

    Generally you have to think in which context you would want to use the hero, s2 implies that you take this hero against buff heavy comps (counter vs Diene/crit res buff). So an easy fix is the Landy route: S1 gives something, double it when enemy is buffed. CR push would favor fast nuker playstyle but 50% crit chance (double to 100%) would promote a bruiser style where you don´t have to invest much into crit chance. Other Idea would be something new like you did but more orientated on buffed heroes, like copy one enemy buff for 1 turn.

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    2022.11.22 19:10 (UTC+0)

    And here we are again with another low effort post and a glimpse into the bizarre and absurd mind of TC. Be prepared to witness extremely convoluted and incoherent skills because he's got this fixation on making everything unnecessarily complicated in a vain attempt to try to prove he's unique.

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    2022.11.22 21:04 (UTC+0)

    is it supposed to be a support? is it supposed to be bulky? is it a nuker? is it supposed to build damage? is it supposed to build crit? is it supposed to be a white damage DPS? is it fast? is it counter? what if my imprint all sucs like aravi's? this concept is all over the place. Nothing synergizes with anything. Seems like it fits no role in the game

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