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Some ideas for Adjustments/Buffs. [3]

Below are just a few buff ideas I had for units, that personally thinking, need more care.
They either see very little play, or almost none at all (these are also in no particular order).

After the Hero names, in brackets there will be Buff/Buffs/Adjustment/Mini-Rework/Rework. Indicating that the changes to their kit could be classified as what is in the brackets.

This was originally posted on Reddit, thought I'd get more feedback if I posted it here as well.

5-star units.

Ilynav (Mini-rework & Buff):

  • S2: Becomes a passive named: Punish the Weak: Has a 30% chance to counterattack when being attacked. Ilynav uses Punish at a 60(75)% chance upon using S1, increased by 25% when it's not her turn (does not work on Dual Attacks).
  • S2 - Punish: Attacks and pierces the enemy, inflicting injuries. Increases Defense of the caster for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health. The severity of injuries increases proportional to the damage dealt. Injuries decrease max Health of the target by up to 8% every time this skill is used.
  • S3: Applies injuries.

Mui (Adjustment):

  • S2 EE: Change it from % chance for extra turn on S3 to 'increase CR of the highest attack ally by 20%'.
  • S1: Remove Soul Burn.
  • S2: Replace Bleed with Silence (She works at a 'Circus' she should know how to "silence" something).
  • S3: Added Soul Burn (Extra Turn) for 20 souls.

Sharun (Adjustment):

  • General: Make Venom un-dispellable, and would last 1 turn - or until procced (like Beguile).
  • S1: Make Venom be unable to be procced on counter attacks.
  • S2: Replace her current S2's RNG CR boost with a flat CR boost for each buff granted to the enemy (+3% CR Boost at the end of an enemy turn for each buff granted to enemy units).
  • S2: When Sharun starts her turn, grants Effectiveness Buff for 1 turn.
  • S3: Change the 'decrease buff durations by 1' to 'Dispel two buffs'.

ML Iseria (Buffs):

  • S2: The extra damage increases based on the casters' missing health.
  • S3: ML Iseria has 35% increased Hit Chance when using S3.
  • S3: If an enemy dies during or before the end of Biseria's turn, of which she used her S3, increases duration of buffs granted to the caster by 1 turn (Kayron treatment, can extend immortality).

ML Ken (Buff):

  • S1: Guarantee a crit (Charlotte treatment) if he has at least 1 buff.

Zeno (Adjustment & Buff):

  • S2: Remove increase defence, replace it with decrease damage taken by 2% per stack, change stacking condition from enemy non-attacks to 'When an ally or enemy turn ends'.
  • S3: Increase multiplier from 12% self max health to 16% self max health (just a little damage buff).

Luna (Buff):

  • S3: Ignores damage sharing effects.

4-star units.

ML Khawana (Buffs):

  • S2: Let the attack boost also proc on her normal attacks (so she can at least have it stacked by the time she gets to Caides).
  • S3: Increase buff durations by 1 turn on self at the end of the turn (so she has 3-turn speed & barrier during her Extra Turn, reducing to 2 after her extra turn ends).

ML Romann (Buff & Adjustment):

  • S1: Increase bonus attack chance to 50% (+50% more when target is silenced) - change CR decrease to a flat 20%.
  • S2: Lower the effect percentages to 40(50)%, and have it affect all allies (does not stack with other passives of the same effect, only the highest reduction effects apply).

Dingo (Rework):

  • S1: Remove all references of Quick Grill (will all be included in his passive).
    S1: Heals himself based on damage dealt.
    S1: Soul Burn Cost Reduction: from 20 souls cost, to 10 - effect remains.
  • S2: Replaced with a new passive: Top Chef: Dingo cannot crit and his Attack is increased by 20(35)% (+1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +4 in Molas). When attacking using 'Prep Ingredients', has a 50% chance to activate 'Quick Grill', chance to activate is doubled when the enemy has at least two bleeds after attacking. Cannot be activated on a Counter Attack.
  • S2 - Quick Grill: Attacks all enemies with the Glove Oven, recovering the caster's Health. When the enemy is bleeding, has a 75(100)% chance to inflict burn for 2 turns. Amount recovered increases proportional to damage dealt.
  • S3: Provides allies with the Crit Chance buff, but an Attack buff for himself.

Maya (Rework):

  • S1: Change the 25(35)% chance to stun to a 30(40)% chance to provoke.
  • S2: Becomes a passive named: Knight's Honour: When Maya is attacked by a provoked enemy, Maya retaliates with Concuss.
  • Concuss: Attacks with a shield, with an 80(100)% chance to stun the enemy and decrease speed for 1 turn after their turn ends. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Defence (Concuss overrides normal counter attacks).
  • S3: Increase the chance to provoke from 60(75)% up to 70(85)%.

3-star units.

Adlay (Adjustment):

(The Name Changes, the S1 Debuff & skillups change, and the S2 CD Condition + AntiCounter could all be pushed as an adjustment - whilst the S2's hit chance, the S3's stealth & increased dispel change could be used for an SC, if SG care to pick up the pace on Spec. Changes)

  • S1: Change name to Mana Seal, increase S1's +4 skillup from +5% effect chance to +10% effect chance, replace the 25(35)% chance to stun with a 50(65)% chance to Seal for 1 turn.
  • S2: Increase Hit Chance by 25%, change Skill Cooldown condition from ally death to any death (ally or enemy), Adlay cannot be countered after attacking.
  • S3: Change name to Mana Release, increase Dispel one buff chance from 60(85)% to 75(100)%, also grants stealth after use, increase cooldown from 4 to 5.

Jecht (Rework):

  • S2: Make it an active - decreases debuff durations on all allies by 1-turn before healing all allies, granting continuous healing and immunity for 1 turn - has a cooldown of 3 turns.
  • S3: Replace Soul Burn with Extra Turn (20 souls).
  • S3: Summon a gale of wind under allies, granting increased speed and increases ally combat readiness by 20%, lower cooldown to 5(4) turns.

Godmother (Buff):

  • S3: Grants an extra turn.

Muse Rima (Buff):

  • S3: Buffs are granted to all allies, but still only decreasing the skill CD of the targeted ally.

Celeste (Mini-Rework):

  • S2: Soulburn Removed.
  • S2: Now becomes a passive; Defcon: At the start of Celeste's turn, if she is above 60% Health, grants an Attack Buff for 1 turn. If Celeste has under 60% Health, heals herself for 30% of her Max HP, and grants Stealth at the end of her turn. Healing can only occur once every 2 turns.
  • S3: Soulburn Added: Consume 10 souls, increases damage dealt.
  • S3: Name changed to; Volley: Shoots a volley of arrows at all enemies, has an 85(100)% chance to decrease enemy Combat Readiness by 20%. When the caster's Health is 60% or more, cooldown does not occur. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster and enemy's Speed.


  • Replace all "if all allies are 'x' element" to instead give benefits to allies of that element.
    ie; Muse Rima's S3 (Skill Tree): "When using Hopeful Hymn, if all allies are Ice elemental Heroes, has a 100% chance to increase Speed of the target for 2 turns" - would then become "When using Hopeful Hymn, increase Speed of all Ice elemental allies for 2 turns.".

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    2022.11.21 20:22 (UTC+0)

    Dingo (Buff & Adjustment):

    S3: Lower CD to 4 turns, remove the CD Reduction on enemy death, also heals allies based on their max health.

    You have no idea how useful the cd reduction is on enemy death.That's not a buff,more like a nerf and a big one

    For example in pve he goes first and reduce the cd to all by 1 turn

    The next hero is lets say Emilia which have a 2 turn cd S2 and she cr push the nuker

    Next battle Dingo can use S3 again which will also allow Emilia to use S2 again

    He is a pve hero,if there will be any buff to him,his S3 feature need to stay as it is

    ML Ken (Buff):

    S1: Guarantee a crit (Charlotte treatment) if he has at least 1 buff.

    That's just a "here we buff him" style buff,this will not help him at all to be useful now that we have so many heroes that don't deal critical damage or use skills that do not proc counter

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    2022.11.22 13:44 (UTC+0)

    Luna : doesn't need buff, her S3 is already load of abilities.

    Dingo : S3 should still has -CD with dead. While he should get EE to heal allies or grant offensive buff to ally with highest attack. His S2 remove bleeding condition to inflcit burn.

    Sharun : lower her Venom chance on S1 for undispleable is surely a nerf. The main reason of her S1 venom isn't to deal damage but to increase target CD and soulburn on S1 is already good. S3 should change from -1 buff duration to dispel 2 buffs instead so, she can dispel 2 turns immunity before inflict Venom. Her S2 passive should have +Effectiveness like ML Flan to lower her Eff need.

    ML Iseria : her main theme at first is "Hit chance". If I want to buff her, her S3 should add +Hit chance by 35%. So her S3 will has +70% hit chance without AF need and only one AOE attack skill that not miss. Also increase her S1 multiplier.

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    작성자 2022.11.23 13:45 (UTC+0)

    Thanks @MenZKungand @STOVE127531968 for the feedback, I've updated my thread accordingly - if you think the suggestions are too drastic (with my Dingo "rework" too) then feel free to leave more feedback.

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