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Let's talk about Riolet... [14]

I still don't understand why you (SmileGate) don't remove that silly evasion buff and Riolet and make something undispelleable or just like grass violer or even Adin... is it that hard? He was recently "buffed", which is appreciated all new changes, but come on! Enough with this RNG and units that has integrated hit chance, and also the whole meta with dispelleable on a non-hit skill. he wont even last 3 turns if you don't bring 3 revivers for him... 

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    2022.11.20 10:27 (UTC+0)

    ML 5(hard to get)evasion that only works if he don't have unbuffable on him and the buff is not stripped(good luck with that)
    RGB 5(easy to get),unconditional evasion which cannot be removed in any way(you can have a high hit chance but the evasion is still there)AND automatically counter attack when he evades...AND gets himsef an atk buff before attacking

    Violet it more ML 5 than Riolet

    If Riolet is unable to be buffed for 2\3 turns and you don't have cleanser,he will be a sitting duck while Violet can still evade

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    2022.11.20 14:05 (UTC+0)

    He's fine how he is, Just give MLDB or Ervalen's Artifact if you want him to perform better, you also have to draft him with Assassin Cartuja for even more Evasion. 

    Smh, Learn to play the game.

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    2022.11.21 01:23 (UTC+0)

    Riolet is stronger than Violet right now.

    And Adin deserves to have a better kit just because of how difficult and time consuming she is to get.

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    2022.11.21 08:09 (UTC+0)

    Riolet's problem is, he randomly drops dead when hit.

    That hit does not even need damage.

    Dispel, dead. Unbuffable, dead. Seal, dead.

    Makes the user feel bad.

    But when he doesn't get hit he'll become unstoppable with recent "buff",

    which makes the opponent feel bad.

    When Riolet is picked, there will always be a player unhappy about him.

    Making his Evasion 100% and nerf some effects will do.

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