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KingSworn lvl 20 (Global)

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  • yhnkopl[yhnkopl]
  • 2022.11.15 06:54 (UTC+0)
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가입 유형공개(선별가입)
소개- Champion and legend player

- do all ur gw attacks,do weekly mission and AI

- Daily Energy and Weekly Guild Chest (if we have a lot of chest). 

-Knowledgeable players who can reach Legend/High Champion RTA 

-Top guild wars rewards            

Looking for members who are passionate and support others. We are a very active community with experienced members who can help you. We are pretty chill and laid back with members who can offer great insight into the game. 

We currently looking for 3 recruit for guild wars. Recruits should know that we got channels dedicated to guild war for better communication. We finished in the top 100 last season and we aim to do so every season onwards, we appreciate likewise individuals!


-Rank 70+

-Challenger+ in Arena and/or RTA 

-You must use your GW tickets! Notify us if you're not planning to attend. 

-Looking to add more talkative members on discord (we like to keep our community active) 


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