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I just completed episode 4 and I really like the story  but I feel like something is missing .  We didn't get much video clips in episode 4  compared to other episodes . The video clips are the best part of the story line . We could have gotten more video clips ... 

And we are missing out characters like Lilka , Suthan , Beehoo and many more ! I feel like they should be playable too . We don't have much payable characters in episode 4.  I hope SG will release them in near future . 

PS- Can't wait for chapter 5 ! 

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    2022.11.15 17:00 (UTC+0)

    I think thus far the number of released heroes is comparable to the last episode. I think the difference is that we have a few more characters who are clearly identified as their own, rather than being plainest NPCs or returning characters from prior chapters. Much of Ep 3 was completing stories of characters introduced in Ep 1 - Yufine, Luna, Cecilia, Schneil. The physical separation from prior known places or people forced the story to introduce a lot of background characters, on par with Ep1. There are several that could come as a new batch of 3*s. Some potential that Beehoo will come as the last 5* for Ep 4. I could also see them, however, holding him and/or Amid over to Ep 5. I personally think the fox sisters are unlikely.  

    I do think there was an overall decrease in in-story videos. There has been a trend down since Ep 1. There are countless speculations as to why, but it is a bit disappointing. 

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