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Reflection on Episode 4 [20]

So I will try to avoid spoilers, but do beware in the comments. 

By now I imagine most that have any interest in the main story have already played through the last bit of Ep 4 and know how it all ended. I simply wanted to share my general takeaways about the elements of the story and how they came together to complete this portion of the story, and a little on where it will go.

All in all, I generally feel the story was "okay". It wasn't terrible, it wasn't great, but it was okay. There were some nice moments, like the interactions between Hasol and Yoonryoung. I've come to really enjoy Arunka's personality - she seems like she could be really fun to build a bigger, longer, story around, particularly with he relationship with Peira. There's another character whose fate I actually liked the outcome of, but I can easily see some who would hate it. It's hopeful, however, and I generally like hopeful stories and in particular I like when stories nowadays reject the grim-dark mentality that so many nowadays embrace. 

In general most of the 4 Season Swords holders probably could carry a story by themselves. Probably a bit harder for Taeyou, but you definitely could do it. That being said, it creates something of a problem in that the regular MCs - Ras, Meru, Arky - seemed to have next to no real role. You see them in the last chapter and you almost entirely forget what they're even doing or why it matters to the events in the story. They then subsequently return to Ritania at the end of it all, and you don't really even get a sense of purpose to their even being there. The way SG presold the episode, it seemed as though it was setting up that Adin would replace Ras as the story MC, so if that really is the case it makes sense to see the back half of the episode push him and his group so far to the rear. It remains to be seen what they do with Ep5 - are we following Adin, Ran, and crew, or are we back to Ras and Meru. 

ARavi was another treat. They have the opportunity to do a lot with her and Surin. I'm also waiting anxiously to see her and Tenebria interacting with one another, given Ravi and Tene's relationship. She's been interesting and fun, regardless. 

Zio as a villain makes more sense than I think most of E7's villains have. Unfortunately, that also makes him rather generic. I appreciate they didn't go overboard and try to make up some absurd sob story to try to justify his actions his, like they did with Ervalen. 

I'm somewhat mixed on how they handled Zahhak. It's reasonable, it's typical for these sorts of stories. But really there are so many questions left about him that should have normally been properly explained even as an info dump at the end but weren't. I don't know right now if they'll ever fully explore it. They could, through someone's side story in a new hero release, or in the eventual ML story of one of the Ep 4 heroes (any guesses on who will get one first?).

The ending was cheesy, but I think that was clearly deliberate. It's prototypical of these sorts of stories, so that was expected. 

We know the broad strokes now of what the next episode will be about, but it will be very interesting to see what the themes will be, what the crux of the conflict will be. I hate giving number/letter grades to stories, but for me I would say that Ep 4 ranks above Ep 3, probably above Ep 2, maybe above or on level with Ep 1.

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    2022.11.15 02:13 (UTC+0)

    Why did you bother writing all that when nobody cares and wont read it?

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    2022.11.15 02:41 (UTC+0)

    That's a very good analysis actually. But for me, ep1 interactions between Ras and Arky are what I hold the most dear to my heart. That's the single most important thing that got me hooked to this game.

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    2022.11.15 03:45 (UTC+0)

                                                 *******************Spoiler alert bla bla bla******************* 

    In Ras defense I must say he helped a bit at the beggining... he bring the sword of summer to Natalon... lol also he stopped the city to fall down with Aravi right? ... I mean, he was like a side character but without help main characters would had been beated, IMO. Personally I didnt like it too much, but it kinda mades sense that our original main characters wouldnt be able to deal with everything.

    I didnt liked how they approached Aravi, I was excited to see her in the savara's side history (thieves under the light of full moon, right?) also we had a hint of natalon when she was talking with Ken about a temple of a *** of war, but now she was like "I dont care if someone is waiting for me in the other side, **** them, Im staying here". I mean, it mades sense she stayed in orbis and she may help later, but (again) personally, I think it wasnt the best way to do it.

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    2022.11.15 08:22 (UTC+0)

    Zahhak ended up being 9D Chess Batman. Dude proved himself to be a brilliant strategist, even duping those closest to him to ensure he got what he wanted. This guy secretly set up everything so Adin could even win. Bro, Zahhak just went from smug villainous simp (as in simping for the Emperor) to man of the year real quick. Was his genius plan explained? To explain 10 episodes of his plan in 1 speech would probably not do it justice at all. Some things are better left up to mystery.

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    2022.11.15 09:52 (UTC+0)

    "Ep 4 ranks above Ep 3, probably above Ep 2, maybe above or on level with Ep 1"

    So you loved ep4 the most.

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    2022.11.15 09:59 (UTC+0)

    I'm actually disappointed in episode 4. The story lost its charm after Lua disappeared... To top it all off, they ruined Zahhak. His real reasons for all this turned out to be silly, which doesn't suit his personality at all. First of all, he wouldn't have done that in the beginning, if it had really been the way it was revealed to us at the end. 
    And secondly, the story itself ended up being illogical. We were shown Lua calculating everything ahead of time. But if that were true, she would have gotten rid of the problem right away. Too naive...
    I was also disappointed in how they showed Aravi(god of war which can't do anything) In fact, after meeting Lua with Aravi, Lua wouldn't have gone anywhere from there.
    I also want to add that storyline between Adin and Taeyou is completely uninteresting.
    And finally Ras. Except for the fact that it was his fault it all started (he brought the sword), our protagonist is essentially useless.
    C1>C3=C2>C4 to me

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    2022.11.15 15:38 (UTC+0)

    I still like EP1 & 2 more than 4 while EP3 surely the worst. Annoying Luna and Ervalen are ruined the story while Charlotte and Alencia help a lot especially their jokes.

    For EP4, I dislike Taeyou. His propuse to betray Adin is weird.

    Another sad one is Aria. If you cut the shadow elves out . . . the story isn't change at all. Aria's story is just "hey I'm Armid's elder sister. You know?"

    Love Hwayoung, Arunka, Hasol and Yoonryoung. They didn't act stupid and mostly help other characters to move.

    PS. The worst part of EP4 is . . . no fox girl as heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHY????????????????????

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    2022.11.15 17:30 (UTC+0)

    3/10 Glad that abomination is over. If SG writers are mericful we won't see Adin ever again.

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    2022.11.16 07:54 (UTC+0)

    panjang laa…lukis bole?

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    2022.11.16 14:27 (UTC+0)

    so this game has story? cool, 2 and a half playing it and never realized

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