Epic Seven


Guild Recruitment

Guild of 24 2 new slots available

We are an active guild farming currencies and helping each other out.
Perks of being in this guild.Kill notifications.450 CP and above world boss teams.Aiding with catalysts and guild currencies so you can farm The guild and get your epic artifacts for guild wars later on.Expedition invites and notifications.Our members will clear your expedition for you so that way you don't have to.24-hour wealth boosts, weekly guild chest handout.
The requirements are.That you log in everyday and donate to obtain your guild currency as this also helps with the 24-hour wealth boosts.And the chest hand out.You must turn off all guild notifications and just keep the basic notification box ticked at the bottom, so that way you can be notified of guild events and notifications and also be able to talk to other guild members.
Apply in epic 7 brotherhud
This is a basic farming guild anyone can do it we just request that you stay active in the guild to make the most of it.

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