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Welcome to PenanceRun!

단원 수25/29
랭크 제한30
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소개Welcome to PenanceRun, a newbie friendly, growth based guild! Join our growing community on discord.

We're open to any and all players who are willing to follow a few simple rules.

     -Log in at least once every 7 days.
     -Request Mana Drake Claws only
     -Try your best to participate in Guild Events!

At PenanceRun we get that we all have lives and responsibilities! We understand life be lifing sometimes. So if life
starts to be extra lifey, reach out to a Vice Captain or myself and you won't be kicked even if you break a rule. It's
simple, organized, and beginner friendly! If you get kicked from PenanceRun you aren't a great negotiator or
communicator. Come chill with us!

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