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Instead of aespa... [2]

  • Jozeh
  • 2022.11.10 15:43 (UTC+0)
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Obviously that's already set on stone, at this point not saying don't do it, this is more like "dudes and dudettes... you should've done this..." and hopefully something to consider in the future.

Anyway, personally I'd rather just keep getting anime and game collabs but if you just had to make a collab with a real life musician, specifically a korean pop star, I would have preferred Raon. I mean... she's already in the official Epic Seven OST with Promise, which is also the best rated song in there (for good reason). It would have been even easier (one character instead of 4). You'd have definitely gotten much less "huh?" reactions to the announcement.

And more as a personal note, no idea about who's more popular but from what I heard while googling aespa... Raon is a much better match for Epic Seven "style" and also better musically speaking (but you just had to get your own "LoL band" to keep pushing the e-sport thing)


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    2022.11.10 16:41 (UTC+0)

    Yurisa is good too. 

    There's many korea singer that sing anime song instead of girl band member who sing kpop song

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    2022.11.14 10:37 (UTC+0)

    why not simpson? 

    this from special simpson collab (simpson x death note)

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