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ep4 10-10 clear guide [6]

what the *** is wrong with sg. This stage is so hard to clear, nerf the final boss like u nerf hwayoung. like wth man @smilegate the spam from zio is insane. 

nerf this boss. 

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    2022.11.10 18:45 (UTC+0)

    This stage is straight up BS. They simply dunno how to craft a fun, yet challenging boss fight . Abyss was already a clear sign of this in the past 

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    2022.11.11 07:04 (UTC+0)

    I feel like people fail to read the mechanics of the boss, so i guess ill do some explaining for you guys. Zio will give numeric value buffs to each of your units as they start their turn, starting from 1 all the way to 4. the higher the number the more damage you will take. However as the number reaches 4, and it is Zio's turn, he will do an aoe attack which will be an instant one shot to any unit that has that number. Note: if you read the lantern, it tells you on his debuff that if it is attacked (with exception of dual/counter) you will gain an additional 3 souls. why? because in order for you to remove the debuff, you have to use soul burn to reset the number counter. also with 3 minions the lantern spawns, they will take additional damage if they have 2 or more debuffs. at i believe 40% of his health, he will use his aoe attack, and deal damage, and the lantern will die. you then have to rely on being able to deal enough damage/soulburn to take him down.

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    2022.11.11 07:10 (UTC+0)

    bring units that can do dual attacks/ debuffs (especially defense break)/ a soul weaver to keep your team alive, and units that will not have a high cost soulburn. Idealistically you do not want units that have soulburn on their s3. the team i used is Destina, Mercedes, Belian, Seaside bellona, with Aria as my support in case a unit died (which is likely to happen). If you dont have these units they are changeable. destina can be swapped with almost any other soulweaver that can heal, seaside bellona can be swapped with any other dps (preferably aoe dps to clear ads), and belian can be swapped with ras. note: at 40% when he does his aoe attack he will also steal current buffs from your team. shouldnt be too hard to take down

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    2022.11.11 14:09 (UTC+0)

    Yeah I feel you this is so much worst than Belian fight this one is so BS wipes out my team with his second attack.

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    2022.11.11 18:07 (UTC+0)

    Mercedes, SSB, Cermia, Angelica, BBC sup.

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    2022.11.12 04:31 (UTC+0)

    A. Ras – Aurius - Mitigation

    Tenebria – Etica’s S. – Defense Break (If you can defense break all of minions at one go, that’s good)

    Tamarinne – W. P. V – Heal

    Charlotte – Hilag L. – Wiping out minions before they reach 4 ASAP.

    C. Armin – Helper – Replace A. Ras if he dies in Phase Two.


    Phase One.

    1. Soul Burn at or before any character reaches 4 numeric buffs           .

    2. Kill minions before they reach 4 numeric buffs.

    3. plan a. Any attack skill must be directed at the Lantern to stack souls.

    3. plan b. Except if Charlotte seems to be failed do her job, forget about soul and attack minions.

    Nb. Soul is important, but what more important is when there is no number 4 avaiable (both in character or minions) when the boss meet his turn.


    Phase Two.

    Suppose to be easier without lantern or minions, but numeric buff still applied in character.

    Nb. Don't expect success in just a few tries.

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