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Level up 1 package reappeared after maintenance. [1]

Upon logging in after the November 10th update. The rank up 1 package reappeared and all of the items were collectable again. I was able to collect them again. It even "claimed" to have given me 3000 skystones. I checked my inventory and I did indeed receive all the freebies but I did not receive the skystones. Do I need to wait for the items to be removed or do I consider myself lucky? I passed level 30 a long time ago so this shouldn't have popped up. 

Edit: I consumed the abyss tokens. I just wanted to do a normal clear but it took all of them instead of just three. Should I just wait till I get a response via inquiry?

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    작성자 2022.11.12 20:32 (UTC+0)

    Came back here to say I'm an ***** and I should have read the patch notes. Apparently this was a new pack added to replace the old one with new better items. Existing heirs were eligible to receive the freebies again according to the patch notes. Soooo...there is no bug here I think. Sorry for my stupidity.  

    Edit: wow I guess a word similar to idolt gets censored here in case anyone wondering. 

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