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Riri from Romantic Killer!

Hello everyone! I wanted to make a suggestion for a character design should Epic Seven ever collab with Romantic Killer. I think Netflix was actually publicly looking for a video game company for whatever reason, so who knows!

Anyways, welcome Riri from Romantic Killer.

I'd think of them as a Water Mage Opener, having relatively High base speed at 120-125 ish, with high health and effectiveness. Their imprint release would be Hp %, and their concentration would be in Hp % as well.

S1- How scary! 

Riri Attacks The Enemy Using Their Magic Wand, Granting Increased Speed. When used on the caster's turn, activates confiscate as an extra attack.

Confiscate: Riri helps their Target by stripping them of their basic needs, dealing damage and having up to an 85% chance to steal two buffs. Pushes the caster by 10%.

S2- Illusion Spell

At the start of battle, Riri grants the foremost ally "Romance Client." At the start of battle and at the end of the casters turn, if the caster does not have a debuff, she grants undispellable stealth and a (dispellable) barrier to the caster for one turn. Barrier is increased proportional to the caster's max HP.

Romance Client: Decreases damage taken by 15% When suffering an attack, increases combat readiness by 10%. Undispellable. When more than one damage mitigation effect is applied, only applies the strongest effect. 

S3- Intervention- 5 turn cooldown

Riri enacts on their secret plans and brings forth a blossoming romance, with a 100% chance to inflict Targeted Provoke and decreased hit chance on all enemies for 2 turns, before decreasing buff durations by 1 turn. Grants the foremost ally increased speed and increased effect resist for 2 turns. 

Targeted Provoke: Provokes all enemies to attack the foremost enemy. (The client)

Thanks everyone for reading and let me know any criticism's or if you like the character, and if anyone who works with epic seven sees this, if you guys collab with Romantic Killer please consider my design!

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