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Cyberpunk Edgerunners colab [4]

  • TrueApusForm
  • 2022.11.09 14:58 (UTC+0)
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Imagine what colabs we could have that actually attract people outside KR since most Korean gacha players already know bout e7, i cant comprehend why they dont try get people that are outside of Korean bubble, this supposed to be a global game, they need to have some real colabs that bring alot of new players that didn't even heard bout this game. 

Imagine if we had Lucy,David and Rebecca in e7 with a Cyberpunk colab and they also fit very good in e7 word, theres tons of the both anime and game fans and the IP is peaking now in 2022 coz of their very good anime release and it will peak untill 2077.

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    2022.11.09 15:05 (UTC+0)

    Imagine if they actually cared about their Global playerbase that makes the majority of their sales in the first place.

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    2022.11.09 16:06 (UTC+0)

    people kinda forget what the purpose of the collabs is.

    It is not to please the current player base(although that can be achieved too) but to entice the other fanbase (the one that it collabs with) to try the game.

    It's main purpose is gaining new player.

    Edge runner is a great show and for sure will bring many new players, but we must also consider the IP Price. 

    tldr prob why they bring kpop is to min max-ing their profit, which is not wrong from business perspective.

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    2022.11.09 19:48 (UTC+0)

    The admins deleted my previous post so im gonna be more gentle this time... This is the worst, by faaaar, collab that I could have imagine... no relation with the game except for tama?? that no one really cares bc it's a pve sw...

    Now let's put some emojis here so I can look friendly and maybe not get deleted again. 

    Now we are ready....


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