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Poor gameplay balance [12]

After playing the game for 3++ years, after spending tons of money and time into the game, this is the first time I am considering quitting. The current balance of the game is ridiculously bad.

From characters like ran who take first turn, strip, defence break, rnl and then instantly kill tanks, to unkillable bruisers like choux, senya and aravi.

People complained about charles in the past and how stupid he is when rng procs his way. Guess what? Hes no longer an issue, because choux is charles + hp scaling + tankier + innate elbris + crit resist + immunity + heal + bigger dmg. If you told anyone in the charles era that charles was bad, you would be laughed at, and yet now choux is an even larger issue.

"Counters" were released like arunka, who does not do enough damage or sustain to win, and zahhak, who needs 55 to 100% crit chance to even try to hit choux, and most of the time not even enough to 1 hit her before she procs all her things.

Senya only really came out once hwayoung was nerfed and no one can deal with her.

Smilegate, get your game balance in check or you will start losing players who have spent a good portion of their leisure time on your game.

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    2022.11.09 05:01 (UTC+0)

    I see your point. Some unit are doing lots than other unit, the perfect example is choux. Choux is also RGB unit

    But i think most of you might agree, the sustain ( also + snow crystal) + the damage ( the s2 pen that can proc everytime) + her high hp pool so she can't be 1 shotted easily.

    What make choux stupidly rng is bcos s1 to s2 is based on exclusive equip. So it can proc everytime on counter or even dual. 

    And you know some unit are even not doing anything. I like choux. But the balance is really not balanced. That is the point.  Without hwayoung some unit are back to become harder to deal with. 

    I still enjoy the game, but sometimes new unit like arunka seems so underwhelming, since her s3 do 70% pen. Choux s2 also do 70% + crit and can proc continously. 

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    2022.11.09 06:05 (UTC+0)

    "Senya only really came out once hwayoung was nerfed and no one can deal with her"

    Pirate flan do a good job against her  (?)



    On a serious note, try using Landy, she really helps, since Senya and choux depends in their buffs just be sure to bring a good support to her, I like to use Emilia since the atk buff and readiness. 

    Personally this isnt the most toxic meta by far IMO, remember Landy+guilding light+f ceci? even before injury was a thing? 

    A shame I didnt had f ceci in that era lol. 

    Hwayoung nerf made the meta a bit more messy (to me at least, just lost a battle because belian proced elbris two times in a row, I got annoyed, attacked her with pirate flan (with +216 acc%) she resisted the bomb, countered, and then used her third provoking everyone... hwayoung would had just one-shoted her, jaja so simple, yet so effective. Of course... this havent happened just once... buuut... everyone its in the same boat...

    Anyways, good luck with your game.

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    2022.11.09 12:21 (UTC+0)

    well what did u expect, even a single decent player can create better balance patch in 10 minutes than entire SG balance department in 3 years

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    2022.11.09 18:49 (UTC+0)

    Theres a lot of slow things that make Ran think a bit. Celine, Rimuru, AoL, ML Khwakazulu, Elena, SSermia.

    1 shotting Choux comes down to if you're willing to roll the dice or not. You got an 80% shot at success. I always go for it and the 2 or 3 times I didnt crit, I can't even be mad about it lol. 

    1 shotting Senya is the same dice game but I ain't willing to roll. I gotta be really in a hurry to consider that. It aint worth it most of the time. Bruiser her. Roana, SSermia, all day. Let her counters give you strength. Bring Arrowel too seeing as she got her SC primarily to stop Senya.

    A. Ravi is just about good damage. There's so many talented single target DPS out there that can take her soul. You just have to make sure they get the job done. A lot of people make slower high att Green Cidd to deal with her. He hurts man. Don't doubt the slow G. Cidd. If shes got Aurius then thats Cavels job to handle her. 

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    2022.11.25 11:52 (UTC+0)

    How do you upvote this to infinity so more ppl see it. This rat makes the game not fun.

    I'm so glad someone else compared her to Charles’ hayday, where I still believe the most amount of players quit.

    It's literally a return to a meta that punishes you for playing the game through counter rng BS, however unlike her contemporaries, the fkin rat penetrates 70% defense with high innate multipliers, in other words Roana ain’t gonna save you.

    Hwayoung nerfs were definitely warranted since she trivialized every other form of damage, but this fkin rat does the exact same concept in making every other squishie damage dealer a subpar pick since she does it all.

    I don’t even want her balanced, I want her deleted from the game.do the same **** y’all did to Hwayoung to her. But you won’t, you’re just gonna release a Soul Weaver with Roana’s passive except single target damage version.

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