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Recruiting For Top 200+

外人宇宙帝国 (Gaijin Space Empire) is recruiting members for Guild Wars!

**We are currently looking for a Stronghold/Fort player right now, DM us ASAP!**

Server: Global

Guild name: 外人宇宙帝国

Level: 20

Members: 28/30

Hi there! We are a semi competitive guild established on November 15th, 2018. Our goals are to maintain our position in GW for x5 rewards and to help our members to keep improving. We understand that winning and losing is a part of the game so we just try our best in every GW while having stress-free environment. Our members are coming from various parts of the world, so everyone is welcome!

We do however, prioritize players who have an aptitude for guild war & bruiser players who are willing to learn the ups and downs and methods of how to attack forts with little to no RNG. We hope to reach top 100 this GW season but are unsure with the guilds current manpower, so need YOU to join and we'll reach top 100 together!

**We are currently looking for a Stronghold/Fort player right now, DM us ASAP!**


- Rank 70

- Join our Discord server

- Active players with positive attitude who want to keep improving and enjoy GW without stress (at least Master RTA)

- Daily check-ins, donation and aid

- Use all 3 attacks during GW


- 24/7 buffs

- Daily energy and guild chest every 2-3 weeks

- Discord server with chill environment consisting of members who mainly discuss E7 and culminate a multitude of methods to deal with the strongest GW defenses!

- Veterans who can help you to progress

- Top 200 GW, expect 5x mystics

Players who are willing to improve, sign up now! 70 and above are all welcome!

DM xiaoxi可爱的#9093, Balmung9#7425, Unicornhero27#8810, Dynamis#7777 or Pheonix#6666 now!

You can also join our discord to get a feel of our community before you decide on joining us.


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