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Choose your favourite thing about epic seven [4]

choose your favourite thing about epic seven and rate them i Hope you like this poll please participate in this poll I want to which is your favourite thing about epic seven game ⭐️



Choose your favourite things about epic seven

2022.11.10까지 ∙ 18명 참여 ∙ 익명

최대 5항목 선택 가능

  • 5.56%1표
  • 22.22%4표
  • 66.67%12표
  • 27.78%5표
  • 5.56%1표
  • 16.67%3표
  • 5.56%1표
  • 0%0표
  • 11.11%2표
  • 22.22%4표

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    2022.11.08 13:44 (UTC+0)

    The 15% resist 

    Wyvern resist all...Furious S3 with Song of Star and S3 EE,each of those 3 debuffs run the resist check individually,it so nice seeing 3 lines of resisted

    Dizzy S3 on Sira-Ren against a fire boss and fire mobs all with 0 resist,the boss resist all and the mobs take all

    ChampZ resist all and the rest of the team take all debuffs

    Ah the good times

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    2022.11.08 15:31 (UTC+0)

    Free 70 summons ! Free 5 star tickets ! Free stuff ! 

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    2022.11.08 22:01 (UTC+0)

    best thing abiut 27 is overpower unit amd bad rng

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    2022.11.09 06:28 (UTC+0)

    Used to be the BOOBA waifus since this was one of the few quality gachas that acknowledged cup sizes go past DD in real life. But now that we are a family friendly PG game and that is a big no no because large chests are too traumatizing to small Korean children, I would say just the overall polish of the game/engine. The production value of the E7 just feels much higher than other gachas which just feel cheap and dated. 

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