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[ Hero Concept 35 ] [2]

This is the 35th original hero concept.

Enjoy :)


[ S1 - Soul Extract ]

Attack an enemy.

Against non-soul-weaver heroes, has an 85% chance to Sleep the target for 1 turn.

Cannot trigger a Dual Attack.




[ S2 - Soul Ramp ] CD: 2 Turns

Choose an ally.

Remove 50% max health of the target, and gain 20 Souls.

This skill cannot trigger a Counterattack.


Soulburn(20): Heal all allies by 50% of their max health.




[ S3 - Soul Bind ] CD: Indefinite

Choose another hero and bind its soul with the caster.

When either one's health increases or decreases, 50% amount is shared by the other hero instead.

This effect is only dispelled and cd-refreshed when either one dies.



//A visual effect will be shown on both heroes

//Not affected by buffs, debuffs or other effects


Compared to Tenebria S1, this S1 has 15% increased Sleep chance;

But cannot affect soul weavers, and no CR increase.

S2 can be used to gain souls;

Or pay 50% hp first and gain team 50% hp restoration later.

For 20 Souls, losing 50% hp is a heavy price.

It makes even tanky heroes fragile.

S3 is a very, very interesting skill.

Also extremely versatile.

Under different situations, it can be used as self protection, teammate protection, damage skill, heal reduction...

Comments are welcomed.

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    2022.11.08 23:41 (UTC+0)

    You still don't know how the game works.

    Let me explain it to you: Non attack skill can't trigger counterattacks.

    You should go back to Dota.

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    2022.11.09 06:27 (UTC+0)

    And once again TC is back with another post chock full of that faulty logic we know and love! Not to mention this time round he also brought a healthy dosage of his poor understanding of game mechanics!

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