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[Asia] Lv. 13 / ORDER420

단원 수25 / 28
랭크 제한70
가입 유형공개(선별가입)
소개Sister guild of ORDER69, Join our discord!

Guild Name: ORDER420Server: AsiaLevel: 13Current slots: 25/28Finished *Rank 420* in preseason
ORDER420 is the sister guild of ORDER69, we are a lively and active discord community, often hosting mock rta battles, sharing builds, advice, and having fun. If this sounds like you then come join our discord and see how you fit in!
We are a semi-competitive guild that are looking for members who are active in discord and consistently attack in guild wars.
(Can be flexible if you are an active chatter)- Rank 70- Arena Challenger+ negotiable - Check-in, donate gold/proof, request claws daily- Have decent built units for guild war and always remember just use all 3 attacks regardless of win or lose , we will not criticise but we will advice and learn together (that’s how winning is done) - Active & friendly members who plan to stay long term & do guild war - Join our discord server (there will always be people in our discord willing to help you and chat with you about almost anything) - Guild buffs are always 24/7 as well as chest. Join us now or you can also PM me if you have any questions https://discord.gg/7G5Qe59Ty7

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