10/27 Update Improvements Preview
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General News


General News

[GM] 10/27 Update Improvements Preview [35]

Hello, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


We would like to inform our Heirs about the content improvements planned for the 10/27 update before they are implemented in the game. Through this preview, we will announce three improvements that are to be implemented. 


1. Episode 1 Region Reward Improvements

2. Labyrinth Revamp

3. Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis Revamp


Please see below for more details.


■ Episode 1 Region Reward Improvements

- The Region Rewards in Episode 1 will be improved to support Heirs grow their Heroes in the early stages.


Reward List



Region Rewards

Reward 1

Gold x30,000

Mega-Phantasma x1

Reward 2

Stigma x50

Experienced Penguin x2

Reward 3

Skystone x50

Covenant Bookmark x5

Episode Rewards

Reward 1

Gold x480,000

Mega-Phantasma x16

Reward 2

Stigma x800

Experienced Penguin x32

Reward 3

Skystone x800

Covenant Bookmark x80

- The improved rewards will be sent to the mailbox of Heirs who already cleared Episode 1 and obtained the Region Reward.

  ㄴ Schedule: After you first log into the game following the 10/27 (Thu)  maintenance

  ㄴ Details: The improved rewards will be sent to the mailbox based on the obtained Episode 1 Region Reward obtained before the maintenance on 10/27 (Thu) 

※ We would like to recommend that Heirs who have not yet collected all Episode 1 Region Rewards do so before the update. 


■ Labyrinth Reward Adjustments and Progress Reset

- Through the 10/27 Update, the difficulty and rewards of Tirel Castle in Chaos, Great Farche Labyrinth, and Nixied’s Sanctum will be adjusted, and the progress of the Labyrinth will be reset.

- In this regard, Heirs can play the Labyrinth once more to obtain the Gold Chest reward after the 10/27 (Thu) maintenance.

※ If you have obtained all Gold Chest rewards before the adjustment, after the 10/27 (Thu) maintenance you can challenge Labyrinth again and obtain the Gold Chest rewards.


■ Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis Revamp

- The Normal and Hell difficulties of Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis will be revamped through the 10/27 Update.

- Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis Closing Early

  ㄴ The Normal and Hell difficulties of Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis will be closed early on 10/27 (Thu) 02:59 UTC, and the Hell Difficulty will be renewed after the server resets on 11/1 (Tue).


Renewal Open Schedule

Korea / Asia / Japan

10/31 (Mon) 18:00 UTC


11/1 (Tue) 03:00 UTC


11/1 (Tue) 10:00 UTC


- End of Sale of Certain Items

   ㄴ [Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Necklace (Rage Set)] will be no longer available for purchase through the Logistics Officer NPC in Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis (Hell) Difficulty and a new item will be added.

   ㄴ End of Sales: 10/27 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


These are the in-game content adjustments planned for the 10/27 (Thu) Update. The details of the 10/27 Update will be announced through the Update Notice. We will have more news to share with you in the coming update.


Thank you for your constant support of Epic Seven.

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Wohoo thanks for listening SG.  I hope you are getting rid of those stupid Eggs that hatch when destroyed.. 


Hype for labyrinth revamp. I hope some rewards would be revamped too so people have a good reason to play than just for completion.


Really great changes, as a new player, i feel that i have to do chores everyday just to be able to use charas i rolled for in 3-4 months at minimum and this will help ease this up. and if you read this, please add epic drop chances Ep 3 and 4 and also, give us a way to hide phantasma when we go through our collection.


I just started  today on this game and I don't know what I'm doing, I'm totally confused, don't know anything about that ,and need lots of help.


Thanks for the update


How many rolls will Secretary Vera have after adjustments? Hopefully they won't nerf her thiccness or moisture.

Please add the teleport to boss in normal raid, and make the boss give equivalent amount to charms (in place of lab coins) it's hard as it is to farm them.

That's so cool:3

Ayo, SG

When you gunna give the players what we really want?

No gear upgrades, revamps or refreshes.

Queen. Azma. Waifus.

We know you made a design already -_-

Is this one with auto Battle update?

Happy for the revamp! Guild invitations need to be unlimited! Communication between players needs to be easier! Other than this this game is amazing!

Worked so hard to get labyrinth to 100% and now it's resetting lol 😂 They're so tedious... Am glad older players are getting the ep 1 rewards as well. That's a great gesture :) Always love that there are constant updates/innovations to make the game feel fresh

So you are not doing a rework or actually adding anything... it's a reset. 

How lazy is everyone at that studio... still waiting for 2021 roadmap to be finished btw.

TeN yEaR pLaN :)

Please give us more way to get gears. it's just really a nightmare :)

I hope we get good rage set there :D

I think I'm the only person who is sad Labyrinth is resetting. I've spent so much time 100% the current labyrinth for completeness just to have to do it again. LOL

Ok, Azma queen princess bug girl character when? Lol. I really do want a bug girl

Labyrinth and raid really needed improvement, I thought they forgot about it.

Those're trivial, almost worthless for those who're not complete newbies. Where's the gear revamp ? Gear upgrading  having too many layers of rng is the root of all evil of epic 7. If you guys really care about player retention, give us more control over gear upgrading.

Oh my gawd stop crying over every fking thing.

profile image

epic7#rkxqrNah, these poor souls will lose their only job.

If we had more control over gear RNG then F2P will suffer. The RNG is the only thing keeping every hero from getting nerfed. Gives reason for star classifications. Otherwise every hero would be nat 5*

Finally the rage necklace is being removed from hell raid. Seriously. No one was buying that crap. I hope they replace it with a pen set necklace or pen set ring. Just....something that is more useful than rage set.

Wow thank you nice update

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