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[New/Returning Heir Tip] [Uratanuki / Global] General Tips for New Players! [2022]

Hi! I'll be writing some general tips to help you get going with Epic Seven! I wrote one of these tips posts in the past, and this time, I'll try to include all the recent/timely information I remember from the top of my head!


> Selective Summons 

In the past, Selective Summons have been pretty important, since you could get some great PvE or Hunt units. But there is this great Hunt Expert Challenge Web Event where you can get some of the best DPS units for Wyvern Hunt (Fire Boss ; Event Gives 5★ Sigret), Banshee Hunt (Ice Boss - Event Gives 5★ Vivian), and Golem Hunt (Earth Boss - Event Gives 5★ Cermia). You can get all of these 3 5★s for free after completing a load of different requirements and requests under the Events Tab (left of screen in lobby, or in mailbox). These three are also some great units in general for PvE, so you don't need to aim to get them from your Selectives (though Sigret is the only 1 out of the 3 you can actually "Select").

I'm not sure of what all the units are in the Selectives, but from what I remember, I would recommend:

- Vildred:Great PvE unit, can easily clear waves of enemies thanks to his passive. Can also be a decent PvP unit, though is usually used by cleavers due to his speed imprint (extra speed for the entire team if you have enough dupes).

- Iseria:Great PvE unit, especially with Tamarinne, since Iseria can reduce the cooldown of units on your team!

- Destina: A cleanser/healer/reviver, used occasionally(?) in PvP, but there are honestly better options for a cleanser. She can be helpful in PvE, I guess.

> PvE & PvP 

PvE is always more important than PvP when you first start playing. So, aim to complete as much of the Adventure as you can (Episode 1 & Unrecorded History first, then Episode 2). You don't need to worry much about Arena, but note that the higher rank you are in Arena, the more Skystone you can receive weekly. Also, make sure you are getting the Skystone instead of the Mystics from the weekly Arena awards!

-> If you want to "get ready" to climb Arena in the future, you should purchase/hoard Arena flags from the Friendship Shop. (Shop > Friendship > 5 Flags Daily). Then, you can save a lot of flags and attempt to climb to the next rank (Ex. Bronze -> Silver) when you feel like you are ready. You can also complete the "NPC Challenge" and earn a small amount of Skystone if you'd like, but you won't be able to gain actual Arena points from them.

I'm unsure about the "general" time people start doing Hunts (which will be your main source of crafting materials for equipment). For me, I started when I was in the middle of Episode 2! Feel free to get started earlier or learn more about the bosses. If you ever get stuck on an Adventure stage, you can usually ask for help in the E7 chat (early number channels like 1 and 2 are usually active), and someone can friend you - letting you use their supporter.

 > Gearing 

Don't worry about gear at this point, using free gear you receive works well. Make sure to enhance the gear as much as you can or else they're practically useless, lol. (And pay attention to the main stats or substats!)

-> Quick Rundown: Swords, Helms, & Chestplates have "flat" main stats - HP, DEF, ATK. Necklaces, Rings, and Boots are best if they are "%" main stats to make the best gear - ATK%, CDMG% HP%, DEF%, CC%, EFF%. Though, while Boots can have "%" stats, they are more often than not Speed main stats (exclusively on them). Pay attention to the types of main stats and substats in your gear. You'd want ATK, CDMG, and CC on a DPS unit // HP and DEF on a knight or healer. There are a lot more little details about stats and such; I recommend checking out a YouTube video/guide for more information on them! :]

There are also a lot of sites out there to check what kinds of builds other people have! So, if you are unsure of what type of stats you should be aiming for, you should check out some builds on YouTube, Discord Servers (official E7 Discord or Streamer Discords), and https://www.epic7stats.com/. Don't worry if you can't completely match their stats or reach some players' levels of gear; you'll be able to make the same type of gear after spending more and more time playing.

> Adventurer's Path 

Adventurer's Path is one of the best parts of early game. It'll give you lots of materials, gear, tutorials, and guidance of the game as you play more. If you're ever lost or unsure of what to do, you should check out your progress in Adventurer's Path. They will follow you as you do more Adventure stages, as some quests in the path may require you to complete certain stages.

-> You can access Adventurer's Path by clicking on the little icon of the blonde lady with the glasses to the right of your lobby screen. You can also click on the little 2x2 square/menu button on the top right, and the path should be to the left of all the labelled buttons.

> Promotion 

In Epic Seven, you will usually be promoting your 5★ units to 6★, usually to make use of a hero's final awakening for extra stats. Dog walking used to be a big thing, where you would have to "dog-walk" phantasms (promotional fodder) by running multiple adventure stages to manually level them up. But, there have been a lot of QOL changes in the game. Nowadays, you will usually be using penguins to level up your heroes and fodder instead of having to actually dog-walk yourself, since you gain penguins whenever you complete an adventure stage! (At least, that's what I've been doing!)

> Moonlight Connection 

I'll just say it now to save time: Choose Specter Tenebria for the best PvE and PvP unit out of all the other choices. Her passive puts her into permanent stealth - meaning that you can only aim for her by using AoE skills. Without the proper reach to Specter Tenebria, she can be a big threat! I honestly feel like Specter Tenebria will always be a great unit, and I highly recommend choosing her.

Some other nice choices are:

- Arbiter Vildred: Great DPS that can have some gear slapped onto him and be very strong. Can be annoying to deal with if you don't have a counter to him due to how he revives when he dies! He used to be a very great PvP unit but has not been as golden as he had been before.

- Ruele of Light: Can be an annoying healer if you build her very tanky. Ruele gives fat heals and can revive a dead unit on your team to full HP.

- Judge Kise: Honestly is a very niche unit at the moment (in terms of use in PvP). I see her used more of a "resetter" since her Skill 3 increases the cooldown of enemies, preventing them from using their S2 or S3 if her reset is not resisted. Not as useful as the above 3 units, but can be a nice pocket pick... but as I said earlier, in terms of PvP and PvE, you may not be using her much in early game.

-> Dark Corvus and Martial Artist Ken are honestly... bad. They're not really as great or useful as the previous units, but they can be very fun to play with. I won't go into detail for these two.

> Hunts 


Here is a helpful video on a guide to Wyvern - the most common hunt done by players, due to the Speed Set it drops. Speed Sets can be used for pretty much every unit! 

Here's my short words on Hunts: They are for getting crafting material to craft gear for your units.

-> When I say 3/4/5★, I am speaking about their natural ★

A lot of wyvern teams usually have a main DPS (Sigret!), a supporting DPS (such as 3★ Muwi, 3★ Alexa, 5★ Seaside Bellona, and others), a tank/healer (Angelic Montmorancy, Angelica, etc.), and a defense breaker. You can get Furious for free from Connections, and he is a commonly used def-breaker.

Once you get closer to reaching Hunt 13, I recommend that units that apply debuffs should have at least 60% effectiveness, and that your def breaker Furious is at least 180-190 speed. Lastly, if you have the Idol's Cheer artifact for your main tank/healer, it can make up for if you have low speed on your DPS.

> Expedition 

This is a PvE where you can get substat conversion gems and other goodies. The main prize are the gems, as they let you get rid of a useless substat in a gear and replace it with a better substat! Ex: You had an EffRes substat in your DPS piece, but you can use an ATK% gem to change the ER to ATK (as long as there is no ATK% already). It's very difficult to do expedition early-game, so I suggest waiting until you are a high rank/have specific team builds for each elemental expedition. There are several guides online to these!

 > Other PVE 

- Spirit Altar: Farm for Runes, used to awaken Heroes for stat increases.

- Abyss: Do 3 abyss stages everyday! Early stages are extremely easy, and you will receive 3 compasses daily. Once you get stuck, you can come back later. It's pretty easy up to Floor 50. Make sure to purify your abyss if you are thinking of not completing stages for the day, it will give some currency: Stigma and Gold.

- Labyrinth: Players usually do Azmakalis, which is a mid/late game lab you will come back to every few days to fight bosses weekly. You can get some nice gear, moonlight bookmarks, covenant bookmarks, MolaGoras, Skystone, catalysts, and more.

   -> Otherwise, you can get charms (for enhancing gear) by going to a specific lab: Area 1 in Tirel Castle. From the start,     go East, then North, then East (you should be at the orange square with a door), then North all the way down to the           next orange square. Lastly, go West from here, and you should arrive to Huche the Vagrant Merchant. Check back            everyday for charms and other items!

- Automaton Tower: This refreshes twice a month. Try to complete the levels you can and get to the end. Throughout the way, you can earn loads of helpful items, from charms to gear to golden transmit stones!

- Hall of Trials: You can get Exclusive Equipment for certain heroes to make them better - giving extra stats, making their skills better, etc., from currency earned in the Hall of Trials. Try to complete it every time it is open and earn the highest score you can for more currency! Make sure to look at the disadvantages and advantages of the boss so you can achieve a higher score.

- Side Story: Side stories of characters, usually released whenever a new RGB is out. Sometimes, old side stories are rerun as well. Farm here to get currency, which can be exchanged for helpful items such as covenant bookmarks, charms, Mola Gora, and my favorite: catalysts. Catalysts can be a pain to farm, especially if you need a lto to awaken a hero. Side stories make them easier to get!

-> Though, there have been QOL changes where you can apply AP earned throughout all chapters of Unrecorded History to exchange for any catalyst in the Unrecorded History shops.

 > General In-Game Tips 

- Try to save your MolaGora. You can buy 4 weekly. Under Shop: 2 from the Transmit Stone Shop , 1 from Conquest Points Shop, and 1 from Guild Member Shop, in the guild menu. MolaGora is used to skill enhance your heroes, so be sure to use them wisely! Skill enhancing often increases damage, effectiveness, and other important parts of a hero's skills, so it is important to make sure you're utilizing them on units you will be using often (or else they'll be a waste!)

-> The MolaGora Challenge is a web event in the Events tab where you can earn loads of Molas from completing the challenges listed! It won't go away until you complete the challenges in its hardest difficulty (I believe there are 3 difficulties total), so you can take your time.

- Join a guild if you can! You can get some Mystic Bookmarks (used to pull/pity for Moonlight 5★ & 4★) from doing Guild Wars. You can also get some buffs (more exp, gold, etc), and ask for tips from guild members! The official Discord has a guild recruitment channel, and the Stove forums also has a recruitment channel. 

- Spend your bookmarks wisely! I usually save for limited banners and reruns. Pull on drop rate banners if you really need or want a unit. Try to pull only when you have enough bookmarks (605) to pity. 

-> Future collaborations are often teased early. We have already had our yearly collab a month or so ago (FMAB), as well as a limited summer unit (Summer Break Charlotte). There is usually a new summer unit released every year, so always keep that in mind. We don't need to worry about a summer unit in a while, though.

-> It hasn't been confirmed, but some have speculated that a Tensura rerun may be coming eventually? Might be a small thing to keep in mind, as Rimuru is an OP unit in PvP; and, it's been almost a year since our Tensura collab came out. Others had felt like there was a limited unit coming out: Lua. She just came out, and despite being thought of being a limited unit, we were wrong lol, she was only a normal RGB unit. I'm unsure if there's any banners you should be looking out for other than that!

- Check the Secret Shop and level it up when you can. It's run by the red dude Garo in the back of the lobby. The shop can sell covenant and moonlight bookmarks. A little life hack is that you save more Skystone when "rerolling" shop, compared to buying the 950 Skystone bookmark packs. Rerolling is when you just refresh the shop over and over again, buying covenants whenever you see them. Only do this when you have the gold for it - don't spend all of your gold buying bookmarks or else you'll be completely broke, lol. Buying all the bookmarks can be draining to your gold stack.

-> Side Story also includes two other things: Moonlight Theater and The Book of Memories. ML Theater is a very interesting concept/story that explores the story of some of the coolest heroes in the game (Moonlight/Alternative versions of original characters). Reading them also gives free mystics! - However, you need to have finished Episode 2. The Book of Memories lets you access old side stories - but you must pay Skystone for them.

- Don't forget to do web events daily. Click on your mailbox and you will see the current web events going on - you can get free energy and items: charms, leifs, and more. Additionally, if you go to the Event News/Notices, you can watch ads for free energy (5 ads a day).

-> There is a web event named The Call to Adventure, where you can get free items and even covenant summons! Other than that, I feel like there are other new player web events that I am missing... but since they don't appear in my Events tab, I encourage you to look through all the web events you have!

- Specialty Change is something you can do to "upgrade" natural 3 stars, although it can take a while to grind for it. You can get Angelic Montmorancy here, who is helpful for hunt, and other great units for both PVP and PVE - just search them up!

- On the topic of Specialty Change, be sure to make use of the Connections feature. You can access it by going to the 2x2 menu button and clicking Connections, or by clicking on the hero seated to the left of your main lobby table. Here, by completing small requirements, such as completing a stage or gifting catalysts, you can get different heroes for free!

-> I recommend getting Angelica, Montmorancy, and Furious if you have not previously pulled them! All are great for hunt, and Montmo and Angelica are great soul weavers in PvE as well.

- You can ask for help, guides, and more in plenty of places. The forums here, on the official Discord, and also on YouTube - there's plenty of content out there.

- Epic Seven is honestly a pretty F2P gamecompared to other gachas. When you first start, it can be difficult to be able to have enough bookmarks/Skystones to be able to pull for any limited units and such. But, I feel like after you get to about a mid-game point, it becomes easier to save your Skystone and be able to afford pulling for any "worthy" heroes. When I first played, I would buy some beginner packs. But after actively playing for about 2 years, I have never spent any money on packs since then lol, and I've still been able to make it far in PvP (Emperor/Champion RTA). Making progress and creating the best gear takes time, so you don't need to worry about dropping money on the game unless you're a whale.  

 > Community Related Information 

I mainly wanted to highlight the free stuff you can get from community-related places for the game. But, big shoutout to all the content creators out there too - like I said earlier, there are loads of helpful guides and interesting videos related to Epic Seven everywhere.

- Check out the Stove forum often! I literally check it all the time since I like to participate in events that give you free leifs (currency that can be redeemed for energy == free energy)! Just click on the little Events tab on the left main menu bar, under Announcements. Sometimes, there are even events that offer bigger prizes: such as Skystone, merchandise, and more! I know there is currently a cosplay event going on as well, and there are occasionally art events too if you are interested in them!

- Join the Epic Seven Discord - you can be alerted of upcoming update patches and Questions of the Week (which can give you more free leifs). There are also some nice channels such as a friend finder or a guild recruitment channel. I usually come in to look at the QOTW posts, but I've heard there are some community events going on. For example, events when E7 is under maintenance, art contests for emojis, etc.

- Epic Seven has several social medias where you can further participate in events for free stuff (leifs usually lol). Check them out if you want free stuff or just want to see the content they have.

> The Most Important Tip! 

You can play at your own speed and style! Don't want to do some of these things? That's cool, just have fun and don't be afraid to experiment and try out new things if you'd like! Have fun with playing Epic Seven and enjoy the game as much as you can!

 > Final Notes from Me 

I hope this information is helpful! I tried to include all the features/tips I remember according to the game, but I probably missed a lot of little things, so check out other guides for more details on the game. (I also referenced a lot of old information I wrote before lol.) Sorry if there are any typos in this post, I will get to editing it if I have the time! Thanks for reading my post, and have fun playing E7!

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