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[Closed] Free Unequip Event [9]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2022.10.07 10:50 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 7013

Hello, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


We have prepared the Free Unequip event starting today!

Enjoy this Free Unequip Event which will allow you to try out new equipment on your Heroes!


Please see below for more details.


 Free Unequip Event Details

1. Schedule: 10/7 (Fri) 11:00 ~ 10/9 (Sun) 14:59 UTC

2. Details: During the event period, Heirs can unequip Equipment/Artifacts at no cost.


 Please Note

- This event will be carried out for the same period on all servers.


Thank you.

포스트 9

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    2022.10.07 11:14 (UTC+0)

    till rta end la

    why always restrict this stuff

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    2022.10.07 14:03 (UTC+0)


    I was thinking of using the web event free unequip ticket to do HoT but now I can save it for later(probably the next HoT)

    In the current one,using Rem allows you to hit 6 times in a row :D

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    2022.10.07 16:46 (UTC+0)

    Thank you SG! I was worried that I have to use the free un-equip from the mailbox because one day un-equip would not be enough for these 4 days event

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    2022.10.07 17:12 (UTC+0)

    Oh thank you for giving us this event that should be part of the game

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    2022.10.09 18:09 (UTC+0)

    Wow, thanks for allowing me to use my own gear that I spent hundreds of hours farming for. Now I can regear one unit without spending half a mil.

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    2022.10.10 10:43 (UTC+0)

    End this cost to equip already.

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    2022.10.10 15:02 (UTC+0)

    It's been my only issue with this game since day one.

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    2022.10.16 15:32 (UTC+0)

    Pls make unequip free it's useless to waste gold for it we dont use gold to change equipment we have to wait till free unequip and it *****

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