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  • Giyuc[Giyuc]
  • 2022.09.22 21:31 (UTC+0)
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Is it really insufficient? I am carrying Flan (Atk and Dmg Buff) plus Joker's art and still can't kill the boss in Epic Hell, any help? PS: flan goes with the art that gives Atk to the team in a passive way (The empress).

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    2022.09.22 21:57 (UTC+0)

    on 1st stage you need to hit the boss with aoe 5 times while the monsters are all died, if monsters are alive it dont count, in this way you strip the boss of attack buff

    on stage 2 you have to hit with single attacks the monster in front of the boss for 6 times, in this way you strip the boss of defence buff

    on stage 3 boss dont have anymore buffs so your sigret otk him without even sb probally

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    2022.09.22 22:08 (UTC+0)

    Your Sigret is fine, she's better than mine **** and I got the damage to finish p3 off. You might wanna take advantage of this free equip period to gear up a lvl 40 Furious with song of stars and Emilia. It may be the lack of target debuff that didn't allow you to finish her off

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    2022.09.23 06:12 (UTC+0)

    Yours is better than mine. I think you’re not dispelling the def buff from stage 2. You have to hit the minion 6x in stage 2 so the def buff won’t carry over.

    And get your crit chance to 100%. If you don’t crit the enemy, she cleanses debuffs. 

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