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Play the game you want it to be. [2]

This game is generous enugh. Let's you have  different 3 to 5 star on selective summon. If u like it, u take it. Any 3 to 5* aoe heroes can clear ch 1,UH, 2 and 3 right? 

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    2022.09.21 23:18 (UTC+0)

    Because there is a mentality that if you are free to play, you only use your resources on highly rated units, so they aren't wasted in the long run. 

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    2022.09.22 08:10 (UTC+0)

    This game was never about the units (well up till last year I guess when the power creep hit new hights and one hero does 2-3 heroes worth of things). Its always been about gear and the horrible gear rng. 

    The gear RNG that so horrendous you can farm a entire month and still not get a single usable piece because there is absolutely zero control us players have over crafting and leveling a gear piece.

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