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With the constant new units that keep coming out along with the rebalance changes. I think the reforge cost should be reduced. Even though expedition helps a lot when what you need is up if it's not it's a lot of grinding to get the 200. I think 100 would be better giving the upkeep of newer units and changes. Thoughts?

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    2022.09.19 19:07 (UTC+0)

    what does new units have to do with anything. "constant new units" will always be a thing so you could apply that to anything which means its actually not a point for anything since if there wasn't "constant new units" you and everyone else would complain and call it a dead game.

    a new unit means you have to maybe reforge up to 6 pieces of gear and that's if you choose to even invest in it which we all know you don't raise and fully gear every single new unit that comes along so thats even less of a point. whoopee 6 pieces of gear to reforge once every month or two. definitely not a reason for a 50% reduction in mats across the board. i'm sitting on thousands of every kind. you're not farming enough or haven't played enough.

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