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Balance and Bloat [17]

Stove we got a problem here, this game is about as balanced as a chicken with a knife trying to fight a steam roller in motion. I am talking 4 stars that are better off being used as fuel for your 5 stars (Coli I am looking at you <3), 3 stars with specialty changes that make them better than some 5 stars, tons of 5 stars that don't get touched due to their kit being lacking. If I didn't have a friend who I am helping him in his guild I would uninstall this game and never look at it again. 

So lets take a look at what issues I have.

Everyone knows this that has played this game but the Arena is very unbalanced. Speed is king and you will find the same 12ish characters in just about every arena team. Immunity lasting 2 rounds kills team comps, characters stack speed/hit/crit than just ulti doing massive damage to the opposition. Arbirter Vildred, Angelica, Rem with a sweet 20% counter 100% of the time. You can say certain characters are good in certain things but when you can have blown their whole team up and its just a single Soul weaver hanging out watching as that stupid PUNISHMENT counter slowly kills your team because Soul weavers have that great effective resistance and heals are based on their max health, no it's just silly. I can not stress enough as a F2P player how many times I have closed my game out for the day because a single character can dismantle your team of 4 and you are trying to get to Gold 1. 

Bloated pool: You guys love to make characters ether broke and useless and because of that you have so many characters that getting Imprints for a character that is 4 star is just a nightmare. Your solution was to make Elemental type summons that you can barely get any for and most of them no one wants because they don't do anything worth wild for your teams. Just swipe your card duh, um no. I understand you need to make money to run your game but why not just make a choice selector like you do for the moonlight. Handful of characters that have increased drop rates with a choice of two 5 stars with after 120 you get that 5 star. 265 Heros in this game some limited time events, and out of those how many do you suppose is being used, 30 maybe 40 if we have an event going on. 

Do we have suggestions on how to fix some of this. In short yes, first we need to get rid of that punishment timer in arena, I should not be punished for choosing to try and increase my rank. 

Than there is the issue with Immunity and Soul weavers, Immunity should not last more than 1 round in arena it is just two strong and almost every soul weaver has it along with 85% effect resistance (which is a straight lie, the in game help says max 85%) and 23k health along side that everything is based on their max health. 

We move along now to Sonic er, speed gear which is what most of your opponents will be using, 200 spd min and just be a glass cannon. The quick easy fix to this which is not recommended is to change that 20% to 10%. Mayhaps making it so only boots and accessories can have speed as a sub stat. 

Bloat fix: This is just easy, SLOW DOWN. Yea I said it, stop trying to put new characters out so often or make a covenant selective summon permanent. (also *** is wrong with you guys why so many warriors)

I will probably make a new post eventually when I'm heated again about other things like some 4 stars that should be fixed like regular Coli. Till than what do you think? What discussion can we have about these two things.

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    2022.09.19 06:02 (UTC+0)

    So there’s many problems with your post, but the major one is that you’re clearly a new player so your perspective on the meta is quite simply **VASTLY** different from a seasoned/veteran player, even late mid game players have an express difference in your opinion. For start there is nothing wrong with 3* units or 4* units being stronger then 5* units, that actually helps f2p players in the long run, a great example would be units like Aras who is a fantastic knight anyone can build without needing to fork over money to get as he’s a 3*, then there are great 4* units like Cidd or Mercedes powerful units ofc harder to imprint but don’t necessarily need them (though cidds is amazing in all fairness). Now here comes my main issue with your post. It’s referring to bloated balance/release of characters, it’s a gacha game for start, their revenue is majority from summons so they won’t slow down (although they did have a period of which less units were released for ‘balance’ reason).

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    2022.09.19 06:54 (UTC+0)

    You clearly are new to this game, what u should do is to learn more about game mechanic and hero system. Don't just post a rant with illegible language like this one. U got wiped out in ARENA because you lack gears and experiences. It's a game so if u find it not fun just quit. 

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    2022.09.19 07:45 (UTC+0)

    My golden tip : SG/ Devs doesn't care about Balance opinions,  If you want to talk , say it in few lines and don't waste your time .

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    2022.09.19 08:30 (UTC+0)

    The bloated part do not make sense. . They already hold on releasing lot of new unit a few months back. Most banner is only a rerun 

    As a f2p, it don't mean you can't pull a unit or compete in high tier arena or rta, but yes you need time, i think right now i can compete easily since i also can reach legend, but it took like 6 months or even 1 year. To get most unit and the gear needed to compete. 

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    2022.09.19 09:04 (UTC+0)

    Agree with you, with speed is king, dev need to fix about speed stat abuse. 

    Imagine in top rank guild war your dj basar with 250% er get stack of debuff include def break from opponent ran that almost proc rnl every time. 

    Im tired to meet 260 speed hwayoung etc. 

    Basically there's no solution unless dev limit the speed cap max speed 260 speed. 

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    2022.09.19 22:05 (UTC+0)

    Enjoy Mercedes' 4th buff.

    Meanwhile Sez(0), Tywin(1), Ray(0), Ken(2), ML Ken(1), Briseria(1), Kayron(1): 💀

    I list Kayron because it took them 4 years to give him small buff to s2 lol. s2 still has ridiculously long cd.

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    2022.09.20 02:43 (UTC+0)

    I don't think I've ever seen someone so out of touch with the actual balance state of the game. It's amazing. There's so much stuff wrong with the game yet you're wrong about nearly all of it.

    U weren't around during the ftene/cerise meta to complain about imune being op. U don't even say WHYimune is op, a baffling claim considering less and less characters are building imune in favor of high resistance.

    I also can't fathom having to struggle to get to Gold 1. A bunch of my friends started playing these last 3 months, and they're already masters in RTA. You can build literally anything and win in pvp up to like mid challengers, because gear diff speaks so much more than pool diff until that point (I first got to masters using a 250 speed acoli. Basically my only good DPS)

    You also talk about making RGB more acessible but... they did. They literally just gave u a free nat5.We don't need mystic-like triple banners because it's so much EASIER to get RGB units if you save your resource

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    2022.09.20 03:55 (UTC+0)

    He's having trouble with Arby and Angelica, who's gonna tell him about A.Ravi?

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    2022.09.20 12:58 (UTC+0)

    just remember you all sounded like this guy at one point so no matter how stupid or out of touch it sounds, you were just as stupid and out of touch and probably still are.

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    2022.09.21 12:08 (UTC+0)

    if you have problems with summoning. save up your skystones and only use them for shop refresh. you can buy the epic pass but do not buy the skins, they dont look that good anyway(atleast for me). climb up to cahmpion arena so you can get 800 addtionional skystones weekly. play and do the dailies everyday. im a f2p player but i always get the her that i WANT. i dont summon for units that doesnt interest or is useful to my playstyle. dont listen to people saying you should always pull for limited units because thats a big bullsh*t. limited or not if you cant build them and not useful to you, dont pull and blame the game afterwards if you pity or worst not get any copy at all. i just pitied fallen cecilia last month, almost pitied ed but after burning my 17k skystones i have 1.7bms and 6k medals again and now ive earned 5k skytones and will still be doing episode 4 for more. in regards to RTA, i only chill above master because i only care about the skin reward.

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    작성자 2022.09.23 03:20 (UTC+0)

    Thanks I will quit the game. Enjoy.

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