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[GLOBAL]Lv20 Guilds LF actives (joint discord)


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Our community of guilds is currently recruiting! (Global only)
• Active joint Discord server

• Joint rules w/ exceptions

• x5 gw rewards

• 24/7 gold & XP buffs

• Help and guild builds channels

• Channels for off topic, other games, anime, food, etc

• Ancient Inheritance zone 4 clear

• Members can switch guilds based on their needs.

• Occasional streams and voice chat of e7 and other games

SHARED Requirements:

• Guild wars: use attacks, be active

• Daily activities: request aid, donate gold, some weekly missions, etc. Ancient Inheritance when it's up.

• Chall V+ bot arena or Master RTA (negotiable) (no requirement for Axon/Rampage)

• Rank 70 (no requirement for Axon/Rampage)

Lv20 Knightvale (28/30)
• Top 200 in gw (x5)

• Energy from captain shop daily

• Consistent guild chests and max weekly missions

• Not very try hard (just be active/decent units)

Requires: Good units for gw atk and gw defense.

Lv1 Rampage (10/30)

• Brand new guild for anyone looking to grow together and get to Lv20

• For any player new or old

• Casual-ish mindset
Donate gold & Proof of Courage, request runes or mana drake claws, be active 

Eternum Furikake and Axon currently full.
Please join our server to apply for guilds in our community or just to look around!



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