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Fire your CAPTCHA creator!!! [5]

Literaly as title says. Fire that stupid sa.di.st once and for all! Your CAPTCHA is just rediculous. I have two phones. Because of some reasons (my work) I change device on which Im playing very often. And every damned time I have to input that cursed CAPTCHA. Every time I have to refresh 20+ times because letters and numbers are displayed in such a grotesc way that it is nearly impossible to see anything on the CAPTCHA images. And to rediculous fonts there is added totaly absurd background that makes CAPTCHA recognition even harder! Im not asking to remove CAPTCHA, Im asking to remove the id.iot that makes this CAPTCHA. It became a damned disaster! I have to waste more than 5-10 minutes just to login on my account because some guy in your team decided to go "stupidly creative". Every time I have to input your CAPTCHA it makes me angry as hell! Games are created to not make someone angry, but to give them some relaxing and fun time. Your CAPTCHA ruins the game expirience completely! Doesnt matter if your devices's display is big or small, if you use magnifier or not - it is still impossible to figure what your id.iot designer decided to put in CAPTCHA. Fire this stupid and useless "overworker" and find a normal guy who will make Normal CAPTCHA, without all the overstupid backgrounds and fonts!

P.S. For those, who think that they are clever with saying "idk what you are talking about" - screenshots.

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    2022.09.19 01:41 (UTC+0)

    Pretty sure Captcha is done by a third party. No one at SG specifically designs the captcha, and I'm pretty sure that other than choosing the conditions that require it, have no say in what it shows or asks for. It's essentially a 3rd party security company running anti-bot security for SG's system. I highly doubt anyone at SG is themselves responsible for creating any Captcha you're running into (to say nothing of not understanding why you're running into it in the first place), so asking them to change it, or fire somebody, is pretty much not going to happen. 

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    2022.09.19 04:05 (UTC+0)

    I never I had to do any captcha from 2 phones, an I-pad, and Emulators 3yrs of playing the same account. Something else is forcing you to do a captcha. Trust me you wouldn't be the only 1 complaining if it was a general issue.

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    2022.09.19 06:09 (UTC+0)

    Chill? Vildred FTW?

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    2022.09.19 13:53 (UTC+0)

    theres a captcha?

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    2022.09.21 19:55 (UTC+0)

    Just another example why Gmail is the best option for accounts.

    Its pretty curious to why your getting these securty mesaure logins, b/c they typically dont occur unless you 

    were trying to login in the said stove account from a different location via device. Anyway your better off reporting this to customer service instead of an opinionated forum..... I reported the web event bug and they fixed it the next day by showing a picture.

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