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My feel about straze buff

  • STOVE128818093
  • 2022.09.18 21:27 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 37

Uncounterable and penetration alleviated?

Like he gets away with everything s3 => deletes tankiest unit and invincible and still have a way to survive a turn without any punishment. Straze already being used alot both PVE/P but deciding to buff him for absolutely no reason even though he does his job and doing ONLY one ML5 in a balance patch note seems like incompetent part of balance team. SG did all that graph and chart to see users opinion but for what? Made us literally wait 3-4 months (selling ML5s for more $$) so they can balance the game for their mistakes of releasing OP broken unit only to be wasted trying to make E7 *esports* and wasted all their time and here we waited for yet another *decent* balance patch only to see 1 ml5 and straze? I'm okay with few of the RGB buff but seriously some ML5 that are underused should be buffed. There are literally so many other ML5 that needs buff like ml haste, tomoca, atywin etc.

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