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No!!, I'm Buffing Sez [5]

S1: same as original but attacks two units and Inflict Injury 

S2: Same as Orignal but will perform this skill again if any enemy Survives the first one (Once per turn) ( Damage dealt by this skill Increases the more he does it {Stacks infinitely} )

S3: Same as Orignal but Ignores Damage sharing and Damage reducing Effects. Will Grant the Caster Invincibility and Immunity for 2 turns and for 3 turns if he Kills the Target.

Have a Nice day guys! 

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    2022.09.18 07:52 (UTC+0)

    Are you trying to defy me lil man ?

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    2022.09.18 08:50 (UTC+0)

    Just this will make him more dangerous

    S2 - remove the restriction,if the targeted enemy hp is at 50% or less,activate the aoe

    Even Batisse can do that,if the target have atk down debuff,every time Batisse attack that target(counter,on his turn or a dual attack)he will attack a single target and then execute the aoe

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    2022.09.19 03:33 (UTC+0)

    ignoring DR would be ACTUALLY huge, and would be a first in the game too. Could easily shred through Hwayoungs. However he still would have zero to no survivability (could proc multiple Wind Riders in a best case scenario)

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