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I'm buffing Sez [10]

  • DavePotato
  • 2022.09.18 05:40 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 511

You remember him ?
the ONLY man who get a summer skin !!!!
one of the first unit in the game

one in the top of the survey where players could decide who is in need of a buff

I still don't understand why he has been forgotten that much by SG
so I am the one who's gonna buff him

and I am gonna overload his kit because ***** à la fin !!! 🤬

S1 : now CR push the caster by 15%

S2 : now is triggered at 75% instead of 50%
can be triggered multiple times
instead of unhealable, now has chance to apply speed debuff and restrict
when triggered, increase attack of the caster by 15% and speed by 5%  //  5 stack max

S3 : when this skill is available, damage taken by SEZ are reduced by 70%

now ignores 50% of the target's defense

aah...now I feel better
ciao 😘

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    2022.09.18 05:42 (UTC+0)

    I would say copium but it’s been 3 years without a EE or Buff and he’s even at the top of the buff list, but hey they buffed all the other units lmao. Well maybe you’ll get lucky and the balance notes next month will include him.

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    2022.09.18 06:53 (UTC+0)

    Whats sad, is with the current kits in the game rn, I would barely argue that these buffs would overload his kit LMAO, it would highkey just make him usable. Maybe the S2 being able to proc multiple times would be kinda strong, but it is based on his S1 , so it would really matter all that much. I think the damage reduction might be strong, but even if they threw the Seline passive into his kit, (51% damage reduction, instead of 70%) he would be a lot better. It also cracks me up that the idea of just popping def pen on his S3 would make him sooooo much bettterrrrr. He has decent base speed, if he just had a kit to match, he would be golden!

    EDIT: I also wanna say, I would rather they just remove what his S2 does rn, and instead when he uses the extra attack it increases his combat readiness by a certain %, in addition to what you put with your idea of increase Atk/spd. Something like 35% CR, cuz then S1 -> S2 extra attack would grant him 50% CR push! It would be great T-T

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    2022.09.18 06:57 (UTC+0)

    He's still viable as a good cleave team component.

    Avoiding overbuff may be the reason he hasn't been buffed since Wind Rider nerf.

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    2022.09.18 07:37 (UTC+0)

    If Sez had this kit, I would use him more often. Nice buff 

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    2022.09.18 16:33 (UTC+0)

    I am in love with this sez buff(including the 35% cr on his s2). If I may, I think his s2 should be: if the enemy survived the previous attack, activate his s2(yes this also includes his s3). Sez’s whole kit is to execute someone, so it would make a lot of sense for him to “execute” people with this buff. Anywho, praying for him to land on the balance patch next month

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