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Opinion regarding latest Balance Adjustment Preview. [1]

Greetings,regarding latest balance adjustment preview, i want to state my opinion about it.I will not critic about why Devs choose these heroes to be "balanced".

1. Straze:

Did not expect him to be included here, but since C. Lilias + A. Ravi is everywhere, it is hard to use him against them.

Since, C. Lilias inflict ATK debuff and grant VIGOR to their allies.

Worst case is when opponent put another hero to give ATK buff on top of VIGOR buff.

So, Straze skill 3 cannot be used effectively. Despite it, Straze need these buff, but i do felt that they are more other ML 5 star need immediate buff than him.

2. Ravi:

She is useable in this meta, but since everyone is too tanky and fast, she literally cannot do much and stats hungry.

I like the buff, but main concern is NERF on skill 3 damage.

If, Devs NERF her damage multiplier too much, players going to be mad, and "bench" her forever.

In the past, Devs do these a lot of time and severely NERFED the heroes.

As example, Axe *** and fire Charlotte. Eventhough, player use fire Charlotte sometimes, NERFING her damage multiplier by 30% is too much.

I love both of them, but "benched" them forever, since their overall performance is worst than before balance adjustment.

Knowing these, i expect that Devs will NERFING Ravi skill 3 a lot.

Ravi E.Equipment changes is made probably to mainly counter Alencia's buff.

3. Kayron:

The buffs will allow player to use him as counter.

But, unbuffable and non-atk dispeller will be his worst enemy.

Stacking debuff on him, and he is heavily crippled. Kayron will not have high eff. resistance, to counter the debuffs.

The changes is good, but just OK.

4. Aria:

The buffs is good, but it is all depend on "How much damage increase she will get, to compensate 50% critical damage that will be removed.

I estimate she will need MINIMUM 30% damage or more, to compensate it.

Less 30% damage increase, will make her worse than before.

Make your choice carefully Devs.

5. Taeyou:

These buffs should be his original skill.

Devs just doing bad job creating his skillset.

Taeyou need skill 2 buff, to counter Ran and C.Lilias.

His skill 2 dispel buff and increase CR is useless, since Ran and C. Lilias can control him effectively.

He still cannot outspeed other due to just decent base speed, and also cannot do much for 2nd turn build.

6. Roana:

She doesnt need buff, but any buff is a welcome one.

The problem with her is she doesnt have dispel debuff.

Give her dispel "1 debuff every 2 turn / 2 debuffs 3 turn when ally is attacked" is good enough for her.

Use your brain Devs.

7. Blaze Dingo:

Dont know why he got buff.

Put defense debuff on his skill 3 is good, but why would player use him?????

There are many other heroes do much better job than him, like Ran.

He is so squishy, and need buff about it.

8. Khawana:

I love her and she need more buff.

This changes to his skill condition is good, but NOT sufficient.

The condition need to be removed completely, limiting her to fire elemental team is not that good too.

She is very squishy, and need barrier scaling to her level OR invisibility in skill 3.

To survive at least for next turn.

9. Hasol:

She need big buffs.

I like the changes made to her.

But, DISAGREE with reducing healing on skill 1, and reduce damage + increase skill cooldown on her skill.

She doesnt need these NERF for balancing what she got. Hasol suffered from low base stat as 3 star heroes, and her damage scaling is very low already.

NERFING will make her damage same as before or worse than before.

Additional, she doesnt need that increase skill 3 cooldown by 1, since its already too long already.

Skill 1 - 0.7 atk rate and 5% hp scaling

Skill 3 - 0.7 atk rate and 10% hp scaling

With 30k+ HP, she will deal around 1k+ (non-critical) and 2k+(at 250 crit. dmg) against enemy with 1k - 1.5k defense.

So, her damage right now is trash already and doesnt need to be lowered.

In conclusion, Hasol buff is good, BUT skill 1 healing reduction and skill 3 reduce dmg + increase cooldown will make her performance not that great against counter opponents.

Phyllis just do much better job than her already.

10. Magic for friends doesnt need buff right now.

       Unfading memories buff is a welcome one.

I do hope Devs updated these balance adjustment preview and listened to what are player opinion on it.

Player right now dont put high expectation to what Smilegate and Devs decision, since they always dissapointed them.

They are disconnected to their game and player base.

And, player dont bother to support them.

Gear system already no big changes. Its already about 4 years gameplay.

Smilegate gives a lot of excuse about RNG in gear system when player asked to remove some of it RNG.

Player dont expect much from Smilegate and Devs, and hope they realised it.
Thank you for reading.

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    2022.09.18 02:52 (UTC+0)

    Roana : "She doesnt need buff, but any buff is a welcome one." Then ask for dispel debuff and ask dev to use more brain? Isn't because "doesnt need buff" is the reason why she only get this small buff?

    Hasol : NERFING? Her main dmg isn't from hp scaling but from the 4500 FIX DMG. Without "in the caster's turn" this is already BIG BUFF for her. She doesn't need cri and cdmg just counter set, spd and Elbris. With that "30k HP+250 cdmg" calculate you post already show that you don't know how to build her.

    "Magic for friends doesnt need buff right now." This AF doesn't need buff both now and future!

    I read many who like to comment "Dev add def pen but nerf dmg multiplier and hero will deal low damage". Can you example which hero deal lower damage after def pen buff? (exclude def break debuff case)

    Luna S3 multiplier*1.155+pen 50% (nerf multiplier -42.25%) but deal higher dmg than post *2. Even Alencia case, many players comment bad about her damage nerf alot but now she's on meta.

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