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Alright, normal RTA(world arena) match. Start with Prebans;  then draft your characters etc. When the match opens up the timer starts like normal. But after it keeps cycling over and over again forever. Cant even do skills  (the # on the screen doesn't matter can pause on different #'s as well, not a connection issue)

You can emote, ban emotes, check the order for characters still, and interact with those and the pause menu. But Other than that you cant do anything.
It's not a connection issue; this issue has been happening to me over quite a few times over the past and current RTA(world arena) seasons.

The pic doesn't help much, (can see player name at least) i have the full video of me trying to attempt to progress but you cant. If there is way to send the full video to you developers/ respected team so this can be looked into that be great, so this cant keep happening.

And in the end I got a lose unfortunately. PLS help to get this resolved/looked into.

After i "emoted" testing ways too try and progress i received the "DEFEAT" screen, hope that helps at the very least; until your able too get the video if possible. Thanks and have a nice day

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    2022.09.17 06:16 (UTC+0)

    What you could do is upload the video to YouTube and send the link to the developers in the bug report 

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    2022.09.18 07:38 (UTC+0)

    Why not attach the video in your post?

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