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Guild Recruitment

42o is recruiting! Top 100 guild [Global]

Guild: 42o | Server: Global | 25/30 Members


· Top 100 guild looking for players who love this game!

· Casual-competitive chill environment

· x5 rewards, 24-7 guild buffs, daily guild stamina, weekly chest

· Scout reports are posted in discord to view for offense efficiency every gw at reset by our vices

· We like to keep things laid back but still expect thought & effort to be put into your attacks

· Our veteran members are very supportive & resourceful with gear checking, team comps, builds


· Confident attacking forts

· Experience fighting top 100 guilds

· Familiar with current meta offense / defense

· Champion+ in arena rank / Rank 70

· Must be active & finish attacks

· Login daily, donate gold & aid

Interesting in joining? dm me on discord @ **minicakez#0420**



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