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Let's talk about the collab story [43]

Now that the FMA collab has ended, I think it's a good time to have a healthy discussion about the writing, without the fear of spoiling the story for those who haven't read it.

First of all, I love how they implemented the arena pvp plotline into it, they richened the lore and hyped up future story. But there's one big draw back, it only got to the important and interesting part in the last half of the 3rd week. Too much time was spent on fixing the automail, twice, I know it gets damaged a lot in the manga, but with limited run time of a collab, the writter should had consider to find a better distribution of story pace, 1st week was more than enough to dealt with that automail problem, it shouldn't dragged down the first half of 3rd week too.

Second, the conflict of 2 magic systems. E7 runs on a soft magic system, while FMA uses hard magic system. There're 2 ways you can deal with those differences: either ignore it completely and focus on the story, or make the story revolve around the conflicted nature of them, while highlight some rules that coincedentally shared between the two. But the collab made a poor choice and wrote a hallf baked attempt to have it both ways, mentioned equivalent exchange and how it shared some common ground rules with the Orbis system, or at least with how the people there run business (which was a lil bit of a reach), and then forgot about that almost completely. The result was a mediocre story with no focus on any plotline and the arena climax felt unearned.

Third, Waste potential on characters interaction. I mean, Charles was there, he and Riza has so much in common, high responsibility and utmost devotion/love to whom they serve, while Aither and Roy are both carefree in everyday lifestyle, but can get very serious when the situation asks for it, they are very ambitious, both want to be the ruler to bring better life to the people. While Roy is more mature than Aither, so is Charles more experienced than Riza, that difference only complement their similarity if written right. That is just what come up on top of my head, there're much more characters to play around. (Side note, I don't think Roy and Aramintha are good match, I mean they only have one thing in common: snap and kaboom)

TLDR: 10/10 potential, 9/10 concept, 4/10 execution, 100/10 waste opportunity.

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    2022.09.15 23:25 (UTC+0)

    1,000/100 Skip button

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    2022.09.16 00:07 (UTC+0)

    ....dammit man.....move on.... it's over....worst 3 weeks.....sheeeesh.....

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    2022.09.16 01:49 (UTC+0)

    I agree and disagree. The "ambivalence" with which the core concept of FMA's alchemy was handled was, somewhat inevitable. It was something that was brought up by the FMA group, and only bought up by the E7 group as a way to sort of force the FMA group to do what they wanted. This broad idea makes sense. Orbis operates on pure magic principles. Equivalent exchange is not, nor has it ever been, suggested to be a consideration at all regarding how magic works. FMA on the other hand is entirely built around the idea that alchemy ISN'T magic, but science. This is brought up numerous times in FMA, so they would obviously be fixated on understanding the how of what's going on in Orbis. for them, there HAS to be a logic system beyond "because magic." This is a theme that plays out over the majority of the run of FMA. There's no reasonable way, given how short E7's stories are, that they could do this any justice at all. 

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    2022.09.16 02:18 (UTC+0)

    when u already read some best gacha stories out there, like FGO or arknight, this collab is uncomparable

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    2022.09.16 08:40 (UTC+0)

    Rather then read that huge block of text, I decided to find a mirror and tweezers and pluck the hair around my crack. I can only recommend that others not try this and instead settle for the Philips Norelco Body Groom.

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    2022.09.16 09:06 (UTC+0)

    4 collab stories we had and 3 been mediocre and FMA had potential but it was stupidly rushed and alot missed opportunities like having Roy and Aramintha interaction. Is Gulity gear the only good collab that did bother to follow the lore E7. I won't be hyped for upcoming collabs for e7 because stories just poorly written boring cooking event slime and re:zero don't get me started and other games did stories better.

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    2022.09.16 10:23 (UTC+0)

    I wanted them to discover the world and meet e7 heroes, but everyone wants to go home as fast as they can, that's usually the story.

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    2022.09.16 14:29 (UTC+0)

    I didn't find bad how they mixed both "magic systems", simply said, what each one called "Alchemy" is a different thing.

    But I particularly disagree about Aramintha. IMHO she made complete sense to be in the collab.

    It's not just the snapping and fire she has in common with Roy, which would've been a nice interaction, she also has a prosthesis very similar to an automail so yet another cool interaction she could've had with Ed, Al and Winry. On top of that, she leads Phantom CIC, THE organization focused on studying the Chaos Gates. If Ed & co. would've been led somewhere in their quest back home it would've been to Phantom CIC and then from there they could've gone for the arena bit.

    So yeah, I found the collab bland AF.

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    2022.09.16 21:25 (UTC+0)

    Writing is garbage for every story what were you even expecting 

    Btw many games don't even have collab stories they just drop banners and call it a day.

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