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My feedback and reasons why I quit again

First of all, let me say that this post will only focus on the negatives, but that doesn't mean there are no positives. E7 is one of the best mobile games on the market, but it still has problems that make me want to quit. I will focus on those in this feedback post.

A little about me. I started playing back near Global release, and quit at around first Guilty Gear event. I returned in May 2022, and quit again in early September. Here are the reasons why.

1. Time investment

The game just takes too much time. Your gameplay loop at high end is basically auto-running either the story (for AP and reagents) or the Hunt. This alone on full auto takes many hours per day just to exhaust the daily energy. I literally had a tablet fully dedicated to running E7 at all times that I am at home. It ran a quick 1h in the morning, while I get ready for work, because otherwise energy caps out. It then runs the entire evening, 3+ hours. This means I can't relax all evening because I need to come back to my tablet every 15 minutes to send my team out again, clean inventory, etc.

And I know, some can say that you can just play and ignore energy wasture, but the Burden of Optimal Play means that I am getting frustrated either way.

If that was all there was to it, maybe it's not a big deal. But you also have on top of that to check in many times a day to spend PVP flags, you have your daily and weekly tasks like Abyss, Raid, Automation tower, Guild Boss, Guild War, visiting goblin, Visiting Huche, Daily quests, etc.

This is just too much! This game takes as much time and attention as a full-fledged MMORPG, without most of the benefits of MMORPG.

This is probably the main reason I quit - the game feels like a chore rather than entertainment.

This is actually so bad that I actively don't want to buy a monthly pass. It's a chore to spend my free sanity as it is. I feel like a monthly pass would just add to my chore, rather than add any fun. This system in its current state makes you lose money, because your players don't want more time playing your game.

2. Gear and Progression.

So I know this has been talked a lot, but here's my view. It is extremely frustrating to sort through all the gear.

By doing the chore of spending your energy on Hunts and AP, you get as a reward another chore - sort through hundreds of items of gear.

Here, you must first decide which items to keep, extract or sell. This already required me to look up a guide. Not only do you need to know which stat combinations to look for, you also need to memorize their high and low roll values. So for each of those hundreds of items you have to make several decisions and look at many numbers. You have to keep reforging in mind as well. Auto-sell and Auto-extract helps only to a point, because once you start running Hunt - pretty much every item is a potential upgrade.

But even after you have found an item with correct stats, you have to do more. Enhance it, and at every milestone make a new decision - did it roll good? Bad? Is the item now trash because it "randomly" rolled efficiency 5 times in a row? Most importantly, you have no way to compare your item to what you already have. I can't remember all speed-set items on my characters, and so to check if the item I'm working on is an upgrade or not requires me navigating through many menus.

Then comes the decision. You have 2 similar items, one has more crit chance, the other has more speed. Which will result in a better performance of a character? Who knows! You literally have to run a simcraft to understand that, because CP is useless anyway. For every character every stat has a different weight, and this also changes based on what you're already wearing. So maybe the item is good on its own, but you get crit overcap, so now you have to figure out how to re-shuffle the rest of your gear to achieve the best overall result. And while doing that, you'll probably have to think how it affects several of your characters.

All of the above just requires SO MUCH mental effort! Even with the use of tools and guides and calculators, I feel like I'm working rather than relaxing. And you have to spend literally a few hours on that crap every couple of days. I find it extremely unrewarding.

3. The game is Stingy.

A bit more about gear. The chance to roll an upgrade gets vanishingly small really fast.

First you get a random item slot. Then a random set. Then random stats. Then each stat randomly rolls base value. Then you enhance it, and there are several milestones that randomly increase a stat. It's also boosted by a random number or points....

Each of those random rolls is a point of failure that can make your item trash. Once you get decent gear, the chance to get an actual upgrade quickly falls to below 1%. So the player has to sift through hundreds of trash searching for gems, spend several minutes on some items before it turns out that enhancements have failed and it's trash. And by the time I finally get an upgrade - the dopamine boost that I get is completely drowned in the sea of tiredness and frustration that I endured getting there.

It is just not fun.

Now to more minor gripes.

4. The Gacha is Stingy too.

In other games I get to roll a banner every week or two. It is the most efficient way of doing it, because soft-pity is so close. For example in Arknights soft pity is just 10 rolls. You are not guaranteed a banner character, but some random 5* or 6*. This makes it most efficient to roll up to 10 on every banner. Furthermore you know that you don't need to save up as much tickets for character banners, because you are much more likely to get them than in E7.

In E7, banner characters is 1%-ish drop chance and 120 pity. This makes you save up all your bookmarks for a limited banner, ignoring everything else. Because if you don't - your free-to-play ass can forget about getting those characters.

Now, your monetization is your own thing, do whatever you like with it. I'm just saying that it is not as fulfilling to play E7 gacha than in other games. And this is just another ***** in the armor of your game, another thing that doesn't hold me playing when it could have. For example I've bought ticket packs in Arknights many times, but I don't want to do it in E7 because the chance is so low that I don't feel that it's worth the money. One game gets my money, the other doesn't, and I feel you'd rather it was your game that does.

5. The interface out of combat is buggy AF.

Seriously, fix it. Sometimes I press a button and it takes a full second for the game to react and open a new panel. Sometimes I press it, see an animation that it has registered the press - and nothing happens at all.

Not everything needs to go through your server. Let me navigate the menus offline, maybe? With the amount of time the game already takes, and poorly thought-through UEX that sometimes makes you travel through several menus to get what you want - it's just frustrating.

6. Inventory limit is frustrating

Let's face it. You drop hundreds of green and grey auto-sell items just to force the player to interact with your interface more often. It serves no other purpose than to frustrate the player into buying expansions and stagger an already slow grind of a gameplay.

There's no enjoyment benefit to this system, no way that it makes the game more fun. And after you have bought all your expansions - it serves no purpose other than frustration - it doesn't even earn you money any longer at this point.

7. Fodder upgrade loop needs rework.

Here I have ran a bunch of levels, and my hero inventory is full of 2* fodder.

What I need to do is to go through 20-30 of those fodders and level them up, so I can then boost them to 3-stars. And I have to do that one by one. More frustratingly, when you get "Great sucess" on levelling up, you have to wait through the animation and then click an extra button. Why? Why not just show a quick skippable animation on great sucess?

Why not make a batch-levelup option? Just select 30 characters, give them 90 penguins - and done!

Another time-waster in an already time-wasting game.

In all honesty, if I was designing your game I would have turned fodder monsters into currency. Then you go to upgrade a character and instead of 5 x 5-star fodders it asks for 300 fodder energy + however many penguins. This is all pure math anyways. You can easily just calculate the sum of fodder upgrades and penguin cost for each promotion, and not require your players to first spend many minutes manually upgrading 5 fodders to 5-stars.

8. Guild Wars is frustrating for new accounts.

Because everyone has OP characters that are well-equipped, 99% of Guild War runs for a new guild member equals "auto-lose 6 rounds, please. Isn't it so fun to watch yourself be blasted on first turn for 5 minutes?!"

It just feels like trolling from the side of the developer, really.

Suggestions how to fix the game from my viewpoint.

1. Make us batch-run levels. Spend 10x energy, get 10x rewards, all in one go. Spending 8 energy per 3-minute run when your daily income is like 400+ energy - takes too much time.

2. Stop dropping useless gear. Look at Diablo 3 Loot 2.0 solution to the exact same problem that you are having currently. Just drop less gear, but make it more on-point and rebalance enhancement costs accordingly. For example, make the game roll a "DPS Item" which will have more chances to get Atk-speed-crit rather than HP and Def, streamlining stats on gear and eliminating pieces that just don't fit ANYONE.

3. Fix your damn interface

4. Re-evaluate gacha to be more appealing to people other than whales.

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