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My response to Dotaplayer's hero conecpts: [3]

S1: Remove all buffs from all enemies (ignores effect resistance) before attacking all enemies with 200% hit chance, dealing 50000 true damage. This skill causes extinction and deals up to 5000% more true damage, scaling with HP difference between hero and enemy.

S2: Passive,

+500 speed. At the of start the battle and every turn, grant yourself invincible (undispellable) and immunity (undispellable) for 3 turns.

S3: Cooldown: 1turn

Blinds all enemies with holy light, removing all buffs (ignores effect resistance) before sealing, stunning and silencing all enemies for 999 turns (ignores effect resistance) and is (undispellable), before using S1 and getting another turn.

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    2022.09.14 14:30 (UTC+0)

    S1:Attack all enemys(cannot be countered),and reduce all focus\souls\fighting spirit to 0.If an enemy survives,triggers S3

    S2: At the start of each battle,removes all debuffs from all allies,heals to full and grants all allies undispellable immortality and immunity for the rest of the battle(the buff cannot be stolen or copied)

    S3:Attack all enemys dealing 99% of their max hp as damage(ignore any kind of damage reduction including invincible or skill null )and grants all allies an extra turn.When an enemy is defeated by anyone,reset the skill

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    2022.09.14 23:24 (UTC+0)

    regardless of his interesting kit, sometimes it went overboard and completely destroy balance till the point I don't consider to rework the number (nerf or buff)

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    2022.09.16 00:29 (UTC+0)

    S1. Attacks all enemies with a move of his eyelash and deals damage penetrating the enemy's defense by a 10000%. If any enemy survives this attack, grants an extra turn, increases attack, crit damage, defense, crit chance, effectiveness and speed by 999% and counterattacks all enemies left. If the enemy is defeated with this skill, causes extintion.

    S2. Passive

    Grants 101% combat readiness and inmunity at the start of the battle, Inmune to stun, sleep, defense break, decreasing attack, and all of his skills does not trigger counterattacks, additional attacks or additional damage from the enemy. If hit, counterattacks with S1. If the enemy has buffs, removes them inmediatly causing silence for 101 turns. 

    S3. Moves a hand and grants instant defeat to all enemies. If an enemy survives (Smh) Attacks the enemy once more causing 1000 bleed effects (undispellable). Bleed is proportional to the hp lost bythe enemy and the caster´s attack at the moment. If enemy is defeated, causes extintion.

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