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Mmm crow [18]

3 weeks ago I pointed out how childish their grasp on the concept of "equivalent exchange" was. And how hamfisted its mention in this story was. Then some little pillow pals ran in and said "it's just week one the story WILL get better". I explained that missing a core concept meant it was handled with zero care or concern to even be decent at all... I wonder how it turned out... lol. 

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    2022.09.14 10:51 (UTC+0)

    Yea the writing is kinda feel lazy on the plot side.

    The thing that I hate on e7 collab story is they feel like a menial story.

    AG does this better, their last collab is also about alchemy (altelier Ryza) but on their collab story their also develop the main story lore. We're explained the reason of one of the main faction do things. It genuinely feel that Ryza stranded in AG world and entangled with the that world problem, and not just a passer by. Heck they even put the plot device (the "Void gate" that make it possible to cross dimension) more seriously. Rather than stupid gate that open randomly, Ryza get stranded to AG world because the Main villain try to open multi dimensional gate to escape to ryza world because she feel the AG world is cannot be saved.

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    2022.09.14 12:55 (UTC+0)

    Didn’t say it would get better, way to misrepresent my words to try make yourself look better Dim. But yes you’re right, the second week had some build up but then never accomplished anything and then the third week was just rushed not adding anything fun or interactive with other characters of orbis, Mercedes a homunculi? Ara who is similar to Roy none of that. So yes it was very underwhelming. But don’t try cry about ‘pillow pals’, you judged something before the entirety came out, your logic of ‘the core story had been set week 1’ is so inherently flawed is unreal, the equivalent exchange ‘joke’ wasn’t used much or at all after week 1 so clearly that wasn’t set in stone. Week 1 had no clear outline for how the story would go, yes it wasn’t good at the end of the day, but judging something on week 1 for anything is stupidly ignorant. Anyways glad to see you’re ******* yourself off like you always accuse me off dim.

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    2022.09.14 14:49 (UTC+0)

    Episode 4 and Generally most last side Stories and Collabs are so Boring. 

    Simply i didn't read a sh it of this Collab,  ik the writer can't bring something new .

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    2022.09.14 15:19 (UTC+0)

    They really did not do the story justice.

    I witheld my oppinion until it was released in full and damn was I dissapointed (or maybe thats not the right word, I had 0 expectations to begin with). They even managed to stain Iseria, Cermia and Notos of all people with this nonsense.

    Huge missed opportunity for some shenanigans:

    *Roy and Aramintha meeting up and her mistaking him for her lost -dead, lets be honest- husband, having nice chat and them setting the enemies on fire with their snaps. 

    *Some of the Homunculi or Androids meeting the crew giving Ed and Al some existentional topics to ponder about

    *The crew going through Reingar and Winri taking quite the interest in the machinery, while Rise coudl help the Student council police chase down some criminals.

    *Ed meeting Alencia and Charlotte... coz funny. 

    But nah, we got none of that. Just low effort, low interest collab no better than the "cooking with friends and family" we had before. If you cant do em right, dont bother at all SG.

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    2022.09.15 13:01 (UTC+0)

    Yeah the writing so poor for collab stories I won't get excited for any upcoming collabs 3 medicore stories we only had one good collab story that actually followed Lore of E7 which is first run of Gulity Gear event. FMA had potential but just rushed mess.

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