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[ Hero Concept 31 ] [3]

This is the 31st original hero concept.

Enjoy :)


[ S1 - Growth ]

Attack an enemy.

Increase the caster's Evasion chance and Attack by 1% each.


//Reset each battle, max 100 stacks



[ S2 - The Challengers ] CD: Passive

When an ally attacks, if the ally hero has LOWER Rating Score than the target hero, Penetrates Defense by 4% for every 0.1 score difference.

Also gives the caster 1 stack of Growth for every 1 score difference (Round up).




[ S3 - Unshaken ] CD: 5 Turns

Seal all enemies for 1 turn, before attacking them.

If the target has less Attack than the caster, Seal for 2 turns instead and steal 15% Hit Chance from the target for 2 turns.


This hero is a redemption for low rating score heroes.

Not only huge penetration, but faster Growth stack.

S3 works exceptionally well against a team full of passive S2, who scales off Health or Defense.

On the other hand, S3 is almost useless against a team full of active S2.

S1 and S3 Attack threshold, Evasion and Hit Chance steal have good synergy.

Will players systematically give opposite rating score because of this hero?

Social experiment potential.

Comments are welcomed.

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    2022.09.13 11:17 (UTC+0)

    And here comes TC with another 3 skills slapped together and calling it a character. All it amounts to is another asinine post with a healthy dosage of faulty logic, but then again are we even surprised at this point?

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    2022.09.13 12:50 (UTC+0)

    read first few description


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    2022.09.14 14:41 (UTC+0)

    S2 is out of logic. 

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