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I have 104% effectiveness Furious, and every time i farm Wyvern 13 he resists my furious like 30-40% of the time, this is so infuriating i feel like my time is wasted, how much effectiveness do you need to have consistent runs? I dont understand this crap. I get that there is a 15% resistance enemies  have that cant be nullified but why in the hell does that 15% turn into 30%? This has to be a bug, a boss with 100% effect resistance should be resisting a hero with 104% effectiveness 40-50% of the time, please remove that stupid 15% effect resist from PVE it should not be there, all it does is wastes our time.

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    2022.09.13 01:59 (UTC+0)

    There is no way to fix your issue. Absolute resistance aka 15% hits a lot more than it should. Keep voicing your opinions to have Absolute resistance removed from Hunts.

    I see no reason to have it other than to **** people off.

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